Personalized Feel-Better Brownies Delivered!

Photo Morsel Dozen A friend of mine did something amazing last week. She saved a life by donating bone marrow to an anonymous leukemia patient somewhere in the United States. She was matched with this person because she is on the Be the Match bone marrow registry, and answered the call when she was identified as a potential match for someone. I am also on the registry, and hope to someday receive that call as well. 

The process, while nothing compared to lengthy cancer treatments that her marrow recipient has faced, is a bit painful, time-consuming, and energy draining. So I thought, what better gift to recover from saving someone's life than a personalized brownie gift? I know I would appreciate some Belgian chocolate brownies if I were recovering from such an exhausting procedure.

So I sent her this Photo Morsel Dozen with a picture of my daughter from an especially funny dinner we had with my friend and her husband. Long story short, my daughter was 6 months old and ended up trying to lie down and sleep in her high chair. I knew this extra special and personal gift of brownies delivered to my friend's door would make her laugh at the very least.

I was right. She loved the brownies (she is a big fan of Fairytale Brownies), and the memory of that night lifted her spirits on a difficult day of recovery. I'm so happy to work for a place that makes it so easy to spread joy with brownie gifts. And I am so proud of my friend for making a sacrifice to give someone a chance to heal. Thanks Amy, you are an inspiration to us all!

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