Quick Gourmet Dessert!

brownies and ice creamThis post could have an alternate title: Why I always keep fudgy chocolate brownies in my freezer. I have always been a dessert eater, which really is why I applied for this job at Fairytale Brownies 5 years ago. I attribute my love of dessert to my grandmother, who always had some kind of dessert for lunch and dinner, whether it was a cookie, cake, brownie or berries and cream. While I no longer eat dessert all the time, I do occasionally want a little treat after dinner. Sunday night, after putting our daughter to bed, my husband and I looked at each other and almost simultaneously said, "Dessert?" Which is why I keep the best brownies I know of in my freezer all the time. We didn't have much in the kitchen that qualified as dessert. That's when I remembered the gourmet brownies in the freezer. So I pulled out an Espresso Nib and a Raspberry Swirl, defrosted them quickly in the microwave so they were just a little bit warm and crumbled them up into a couple of bowls. I topped them with some vanilla ice cream and a sprinkling of Fairytale Cocoa, and called it delicious. Needless to say, this quick Belgian chocolate brownie dessert hit the spot for both of us. :)

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