Raving Fans of Gourmet Brownie Gifts

One of my favorite things about this time of year is seeing the raves that come in to our customer service department after people receive their holiday gifts of gourmet brownies and cookies. So, I thought I would share some of our recent raves.

"There are those treats we receive that get shared with everyone, and then there are some that are...in the words of the infamous Daffy Duck; 'MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!!!'" ~ Happy Brownie Recipient

"The product is wonderful and the customer service outstanding!" ~ Adam B.

"My office received your brownies as a holiday thank you gift, and the entire staff loved them. The brownies were so moist and delicious, I just had to come home and order more for selfish reasons. Thank You for your quality of baking." ~ Drucilla D.

"These brownies are beyond good. Plus the Morsels lets you be a 'little bad' while being good. Since they are just a quick bite or two, those of us who are working at being healthy can enjoy a real treat and not feel like we are eating wasted calories. Just enough to satisfy but not enough to blow the diet." ~ Nena G.

"The entire order was gone in three days. My husband had a small problem with a chocolate addiction and they didn't last long!!!! He enjoyed every one of them. Will definitely order again after he has recovered from the first batch." ~ Eileen L.

Happy Holidays!

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