Four reasons to buy brownies for your employees

We have many companies that use Fairytale Brownies gifts within their own business to recognize and reward their employees. Here are four reasons they buy brownies:

buy brownies1. Employee Recognition: When employees go above and beyond the call of duty, why not recognize their efforts with a gift basket? Everyone has a birthday. Celebrate their special day with a birthday food gift.

2. Service Awards: Is your company the type that retains employees longer than a couple of years? Good for you! Celebrate your employees' milestones with fudge brownies or gourmet cookie gifts.

3. Incentive Programs: Use Fairytale brownie gifts as rewards for reaching personal, departmental, or even regional goals. Because we ship worldwide, larger companies often reward regional locations for successful sales campaigns.

4. Safety Awards: Safety is important in all businesses, but some jobs are just higher risk than others. When the number of days without an accident deserves a reward, a gift of fudge brownies will make...

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Employee Appreciation Day is March 7th!

Bosses have a day to celebrate themselves . . . why not employees too?! Did you know that this Friday, March 7, 2014 is National Employee Appreciation Day? If you're serious about employee recognition, you'll want to pay attention to the rest of this post. Employee recognition is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reduce turnover, curb absenteeism, increase productivity and keep employees engaged with their work (source). 

According to the experts, here are a few employee appreciation gift ideas:

  1. Spring for lunch: Breaking bread together is a nice bonding experience for the group. Who wouldn't enjoy taking time off during the workday to do a little team building? Visit a local restaurant, or have lunch catered in. Either way, your employees will love it. 
  2. Starbucks: How about a mid-afternoon Starbucks break where everyone gets their favorite drink? An afternoon caffeine jolt is always welcomed and appreciated.
  3. Plan an activity: Fun activities, or team building exercises can...
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Brownie Care Package for Any Occasion!

Our gourmet brownie gifts are really popular during major holidays (Mother's and Father's day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day), but any time of year is a good time to send delicious gourmet brownies. We have a great assortment of Thank You and Thinking of You Gifts to remind people that you care about them year round.

If you are one of those people that like having an excuse to send gifts then turn to the internet. It turns out that almost everyday is assigned some sort of celebration or theme. Just in the month of August there is Book Lover's Day (9th), Middle Child's Day (12th), Be and Angel Day (22nd), and Kiss and Make Up Day (25th). So now you have an excuse to send a brownie care package to that book worm you know, or some deserved recognition to the middle children of the world. Be hailed as heavenly, or reach out to a person you had a spat with. There are as many reasons to send brownies as there are days in the year, but no matter the occasion Fairytale Brownies has the...

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Recognition Gifts Testimonial

From Valley Leadership Development Office;

"Hi Eileen,

Thank you so much for your support of last week’s 64th Annual Man & Woman of the Year Luncheon, honoring Tom Ambrose and Ambassador Barbara Barrett.  We wanted to share some photos of our tables, dressed up with the delicious Fairytale Brownies!

The brownies were a huge hit, and guests are still talking about them today!  Most special, though, were the beautiful, celebratory towers that decorated our honorees’ tables and acted as a yummy gift to them.  I know Tom and Ambasador Barrett were delighted.

Valley Leadership is so appreciative of your support for this event, and excited about opportunities to partner with Fairytale Brownies in the future.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us add the extra touch to make last week’s event just a bit more special for all our guests!

Best Brownies for the Best People! Thank you Tom and Ambassador Barrett for being a part of our community."

The Program and a Photo Majestic Tower:

Recognition Gifts          Recognition Gifts



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Recognition Gifts!

Admin from Kingman AZ reviewed the Congratulations Morsel 24.
About Me: Repeat Buyer,Business Gift Giver,Personal Gift Giver,Recognizer

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, would recommend to a friend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Comments about Fairytale Brownies Congratulations Morsel 24: Great size for dieters who was to splurge a little - plus these are great for recognition gifts! 
Pros: Individually Wrapped,Gourmet Taste,Bit Size,Freshness
Best Uses: Crowd Pleaser

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10-Year Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated the 10-year employment anniversary for a number of our team members.  When you order brownies from Fairytale Brownies, remember that there is a dedicated and professional team behind the scenes.  

There were three team members celebrating anniversaries in August.  Kim Brandimarte is our Shipping Team Leader who makes sure that when we ship brownies around the world, everything is packed to perfection.  Chris Corn runs our retail store here in Phoenix and provides gourmet brownies with a warm and welcome smile to our walk-in customers.  Donna Baker is our Controller and she ensures that every time we send brownies, all of the financial accounting is complete and accurate.  We also honored Jen O'Flynn with a belated recognition plaque.  Jen oversees the customization of packaging for our corporate gifts.  She has been a team member for over 10 years.

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