San Diego Bound with Fairytale Brownies and Cookies

Brownie GiftsI'll be heading out for lovely San Diego with my mom to visit family for a Mother's Day celebration.  As always, Fairytale Brownies are high on the request list, so I was sure to stock up before I head out.  Our new Fairytale Brownies Photo Tin will be the perfect gift for my mom, and for my nephew, Nick, I'll be taking a Happy Birthday box filled with gourmet Fairytale Cookies.  He just loves the peanut butter cookie, so I promised I'd bring a big box for him to stock up on.  I'm the favorite aunt, of course!

Shipping brownies makes it simple and easy, but unfortunately I procrastinated, so I'll be making my brownie and cookie deliveries in person.  I guess that just makes it even more special, hand delivering gourmet gifts is always fun!  So, I'm headed off to beautiful San Diego for a fun filled weekend, made even more special with gifts of Belgian chocolate brownies and cookies in hand . . Yum!!!

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