Send Brownies With Reliable UPS Service

Well, I just couldn't resist sharing this picture!  About a year ago Fairytale Brownies began using UPS as our exclusive shipping carrier and we couldn't be more happy with the service we've received.  With UPS we can ship brownies to destinations worldwide with fast and reliable service.  

Recently I was invited to participate in a UPS customer appreciation golf outing.  When I pulled up to one of the tee boxes and saw this UPS "truck" I just started laughing.  There was a photographer taking pictures of each group of golfers and I told him that I just had to have a picture of me driving this sporty vehicle.  I'm told that this miniature delivery truck is used for promotional events such as delivering the game ball out to the field for kickoff, or as a pace car for racing events.  But the folks around here that saw the picture wanted to know if I had some gourmet brownies packed in the back.  Of course I said that is was full of brownie gifts.  

In just two years we'll be celebrating our 20th year in business and hopefully we'll be able to have this truck at our anniversary party.  We can hand out our fudgy chocolate brownies right from the back of the truck.

Thanks to all the great people at UPS for providing us such great service!!


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