Sending Brownies to the Appalachian Trail!

Chris on the AT

I met my friend Chris in college back in Indiana (we both graduated from Ball State in 2006), 

and while I moved to Phoenix, he headed to Santa Barbara, CA. We weren't super close at the time, and we certainly didn't think we would see much of each other on our adventures through life. One day, I was sitting at my desk here at Fairytale Brownies, when someone called me down to our retail store because I had a friend who wanted to see me. It was Chris! I knew he worked for a company called FoodTools (who make portion control machines, including the cutter we use to cut our fudgy chocolate brownies), but I had no idea that he was our designated sales and service representative. 

Since then, we have become very close, as we quickly learned he and his now-wife had a lot in common with me and my husband. We meet up to run marathons and half-marathons at least once a year. 

The last time we saw Chris in February, he told us he was planning to take off in a few weeks to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine. We thought he was a little bit crazy, but wished him the best. Well, he's now more than halfway to Maine, and his wife Amy is getting ready to go visit him on the trail for a few days, so I sent her some delicious mail order brownies to take along with her to share with Chris and his thru-hiker friends. I'm sure they'll send some pictures, so I'll let you know how they are received. To my knowledge, these will be the first Fairytale Brownies on the Appalachian Trail, ever.

Good luck on the rest of your hike, Chris!

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