Serve wedding brownies instead of cake

According to a recent New York Times article, the latest wedding reception trend for the wealthy is to NOT flaunt their wealth. Brides in Los Angeles are opting for back yard receptions instead of fancy hotels. They're skipping the wedding cake and serving their guests cobbler, cookies and cupcakes. They want their guests to feel comfortable.

What says comfort more than a chocolate brownie? Fairytale Brownies fits the bill for both comfort and enchantment. Here are a few ways to impress the wedding guests with Fairytale Brownies as the wedding dessert:

Instead of toasting the bride and groom with tequila shots, use milk for the shot and wash it down with our fudge brownies.

Serve a few Magic Morsels (bite-sized brownies) in a parfait dish and let the guests top them with fruit, whipped cream and/or chocolate sauce.

Serve Magic Morsels with a chocolate fountain.

The bride and groom can customize the label of a Fairytale Brownie with their photo, the wedding date, a special saying... whatever they like. (The brownies could even double as a wedding favor as well as a dessert.)

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