Sharing my Passion for Chocolate with local Students

Mesquite High School Students visit Fairytale Brownies


My friend Lisa Heigl and her students from Mesquite High School stopped by the Fairytale Bakery today to check out what was cooking in our kitchen! Although the students were unable to go into our kitchen, our retail store has a viewing window where customers can actually watch the entire process. The students were quite impressed with the action they witnessed today; mixing of our ingredients in our large purple mixer, lots & lots of walnuts for toppings, and then the baking of our brownies in our very large ovens! This process is very similar to what they see at home but on a much larger scale. After watching the process the students became very curious as to where chocolate comes from. That's where I come in to the picture! Sharing my knowledge about chocolate has become one of my many passions and I was more than thrilled to explain the process.

The students learned that chocolate really does grow on trees! A tropical tree called the Theobroma Cocao Tree (pronounced Ka-Kow) that produces football shaped pods and are filled with a sticky white pulp and seeds (or beans). After the pods are harvested, the beans are removed from the pods, fermented, roasted and then processed into chocolate. It sounds simple enough; however, the process is quite lengthy which gave the students a much greater appreciation for chocolate and the lessons they learned in their "Chocolate 101" class. Not only did they leave with their heads filled with a flowing river of chocolate knowledge but also they took home a variety of gourmet chocolate brownies for their after lunch snack.

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