Sharing the story of starting a gourmet brownie business

I was recently asked to share the Fairytale Brownies story with a new website dedicated to helping people learn through the experiences of others.  Here is how the site describes its mission:

"you | we | me | empowered - uwemp is a dynamic open-source media company focused on providing inspirational, useful feature and profile articles and key resources to convert peoples’ interests and passions into reality. uwemp and our writing community uncover the setbacks, challenges and mistakes today’s compelling people and organizations have faced and how they have parlayed those experiences into an ultimate framework for personal and career success."

You can check out the the interview by clicking here.

In the interview I share how Fairytale Brownies took a family recipe and grew it into a thriving business selling mail order brownies.  Check it out and read about some of the challenges we faced growing a business that specializes in gourmet brownies and sending food gifts worldwide!


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