Ship brownies and gourmet cookies to dessert-deprived Japan

Could you spend the rest of the summer without fudgy chocolate brownies or gourmet cookies? One of America’s closest friends could become a dessert desert in the near future. ship brownies to japan

Japan’s ministry of agriculture has sent out a distress signal for more wheat. Why? Because Japan imports up to 90 percent of its wheat from the U.S., Canada, and Australia and one upcoming shipment has been disapproved by the country’s ministry of agriculture.

So, according to Bloomberg, Asia’s second-largest importer of wheat badly needs an additional shipment of 2,000 metric tons … or else it risks a shortage of fudgy chocolate brownies, gourmet cookies, and other desserts that rely on imported wheat.

“We have to hedge the risk that Japanese flour millers will face a supply shortage because of the prolonged suspension of imports,” Hiromi Iwahama, the ministry of agriculture director of grain trading, told Bloomberg.

A shortage of desserts? That’s no way to spend a summer.

Fortunately, Fairytale Brownies stands ready to help. Did you know we ship brownies and gourmet cookies internationally as well as domestically? Well, we do and we’re happy to ship brownies to our dessert-deprived friends in Japan.

To inquire about international shipping rates, simply call us at 800.531.5209. (Or view rates to ship brownies domestically.)

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Name: Valerie
Time: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The wheat was disapproved because it was genetically modified and Japan was just one of many countries.

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