Ship Brownies To Your Graduates!

Congratulations BrowniesI know how difficult and stressful college is, especially towards the end when everything seems to be due at once. You see, I just graduated with my Master's Degree from ASU and the term 'stressful' doesn't even begin to cover it. But as a personal goal of mine that I had set a few years ago, it was well worth it. 

Honestly, I have to say I was excited not only for the degree, but my graduation party! My husband threw me a big party where most of my family and friends gathered to offer me their congratulations. Most of my family gave me money, which I am definitely not opposed to as my graduation gift.

Here is another great graduation gift idea. How about a gourmet brownie gift to say Congratulations on your accomplishment? I think it's a great gift idea for those you are not really comfortable sending money to, but still want to acknowledge a 'job well done.' Fairytale Brownies has a big selection of Congratulations gourmet brownie and gourmet cookie gifts to choose from.  Hilary Lee Graduation!

Another great idea is to ship brownies to the college student who hasn't quite graduated yet, but could use a little chocolate sustenance for finals week? We have alot of Mom's and Dad's out there who send brownies to their kids as a boost to make it through finals. How will you acknowledge your student or graduate this year? 

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