Spreading joy with mail order brownies

Here is a true Fairytale from our customer, Rosa, in Kentucky:

Once Upon a Time...

I ordered three dozen brownies last week, all going in a different direction. One dozen for myself, one dozen for our daughter Michelle and one dozen for our adopted daughter Carly. Our post office had been closed for one hour last Saturday when I realized my brownies were inside the post office. I squatted down, looked inside my post office box, heard a voice in the back and bribed the postman with the promise of a brownie if he would let me have my package, which he did. Today, Carly send me a video of our granddaughter Callan (14 months old) crying for one more bite of a Fairytale Brownie! She gave her a bite, threw the wrapper in the trash and the baby stood by the trash can crying.

Fairytale Brownies Dozen

Then I emailed Rosa, "May I share this story of spreading joy to your family through brownie deliveries, brownie bribes, little ones wanting more?" and "How did you first hear about us?"

She said...

Eileen, Yes you may share my story. My elderly Aunt Mary, age 87, had been sick and a friend of hers sent her an assortment of your brownies and she wanted to share them with me. She insisted that I take three of them. I hesitated because she was sick and I didn't want to take them. After I ate the first one, I fished the wrapper out of the garbage to see what flavor it was. then I placed an order. I shared one with our cleaning lady today who also loved them. You should be on Oprah with your brownies!

I love hearing our customer stories, and that truly would be a Fairytale ending to be on Oprah - some day!

Until then, the world continues to eat happily ever after, one Fairytale bite at a time.


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