Spring sprouts as the Fairytale bakery egg hunts for knowledge

Our Marketing Team had a Spring Egg Hunt at Fairytale Brownies' all-staff meeting today. Although the temperature was a little warmer than desired - 86 - the bakery team members managed to find the eggs (some stuffed with chocolate) with no problems.

The goal for today's meeting was for the Marketing Team to teach the rest of the bakery a little bit about what we do. We call this type of meeting a Learning Lunch. (You can guess by the name that lunch is served as well!)

Seven different teams were formed to cover each aspect of Marketing - Catalog and Merchandising, Graphic Design, Web, Promo Incentives, Corporate Sales, Wholesale and Public Relations. Each team was designated a color and had color coordinating blankets and plastic eggs for team members to easily identify.

Team members were asked to find 6 plastic eggs of their team color and one silver bonus egg. Once they gathered their eggs, they returned to their blanket.

Inside 4 of their eggs were answers to questions related to one Marketing aspect. The teams had to match their 4 answers to the appropriate questions printed on a provided piece of paper. The first, second and third teams that answered their questions correctly won a prize.

The eggs were hidden in the landscape of our bakery parking lot. Despite not having very creative places to hide the eggs, several team members found themselves with no eggs in their baskets. 

Eventually, all of the eggs were found and the race to answer the questions correctly was on.

The purple team - with questions about Corporate Sales - won first place. The aqua team won second place with questions about promo Incentives, and the pink time won third place with questions about public relations.

The prizes? Spring chocolate treats from Vosges.

Because we all were sweating from all of that hunting and thinking, we took ourselves into the break room and had our picnic lunch inside instead. Duck & Decanter provided our delicious nooner of sandwiches and salads. Kari Gayes, dessert decorator extraordinaire, made mini cupcakes for dessert. They were adorable and quite tasty.

The vanilla cupcakes were topped with green grass frosting and a chocolate egg.

Here is a mini version of our egg hunt...

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