Sweet Treats for Sweet Seats! Go Steelers!

steeler1A friend of mine won an NFL sweepstakes that included 47 yard line tickets to the Steeler/Cardinal game last Sunday! Being that we are both from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, it only made sense for him to invite me! Growing up in Steeler Country, we both had a great appreciation for this game and the ridiculous seats! 18th row directly behind the Steelers bench! Sweet!!
There are no crazier fans than the Pittsburgh Steelers fans that's for sure! These people will dress in just about anything that bleeds back and gold! From pre-game tailgating to after game tailgating, these fans were relentless! Chanting all day long, "Here we go, here we go, here we go, Steelers here we go, Pittsburgh's going to the Superbowl, here we go."

The Steelers did take home a win of 32-20 against the Cardinals!


...................Here is a birds eye view of our ridiculous seats!!

There was no better way to say. "Thanks for a fantastic day of football"  to my friend Greg, than sharing Belgian Chocolate Brownies! He promised to wait until he got home to indulge, but knowing Greg, I'm sure he caved at the first red light! I have a feeling that I owe him fudgy brownies for life after looking back at all of the fun we had at the game!   

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