Take a gourmet cookie break!

peanut butter cookieToday was a day full of meetings and brain-taxing budgeting and calculations in my neck of the Fairytale Brownies bakery. I spent much of the day trying to help my mind keep up with my busy schedule! So this afternoon, I decided I needed to take a break, and headed downstairs to scrounge up a snack (a definite perk of working in a Belgian chocolate brownie and cookie gifts bakery). I managed to find some Peanut Butter cookie "rejects" in our retail store. What's a reject? It's a fudgy chocolate brownie or in this case, a delectable peanut buttery cookie, that is less than perfect. Since we strive to ship only the best brownies and cookies we can possibly make, we hold everything to a very high standard. My Peanut Butter "reject" was delightful, and just the break I needed. You tell me, would you eat this cookie, even though it isn't quite the right size? I bet you would. :)

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