Taste Testing Gourmet Brownies!

Best BrowniesPart of my job here at Fairytale Brownies is to be on the Quality Control team. This means, once a week I go down to baking and examine the brownie and cookie batches that were baked that day. Today, I had the pleasure of sampling: Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies, Peanut Butter Brownies, and Pecan Brownies.

We take superior quality very seriously here, we make sure we ARE baking the BEST BROWNIES around, and we stand confidently behind our quality quarantee. We have strict guidelines to follow when we decide to pass the brownies and cookies to be recieved in yummy brownie and cookie gifts!   

Here are some reasons why we would hold a brownie or cookie:

  1. Misaligned label
  2. Crumbs in the label seal
  3. Product looks deficient in some way
  4. Taste may be off a bit (too sweet. . . not sweet enough?)

Even though we have a set recipe (which is TOP SECRET!), there are variations is any process. Anything can affect a recipe, even the temperature and humidity level outside can affect the brownie and cookie end product. Here are the criteria that we score each cookie and brownie on as it comes out of the baking and wrapping process:

  1. Appearance - a scale of 1-5
  2. Taste - a scale of 1-5
  3. Aroma - a scale of 1-5
  4. Package - a scale of 1-5
  5. Overall - a scale of 1-5

The brownies that get held back become part of our "rejected" pile. These are the brownies that we donate to St. Vincent De Paul to feed the homeless. These rejects are also part of the brownie and cookie snacks that the staff here at Fairytale Brownies often noshes on when we get that chocolate craving! The brownies and cookies that are passed go on to be part of the best, and fudgiest gourmet brownie and cookies gift around! 

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