Taste Testing New Fairytale Bars

Next week our New Fairytale Bars are ready to ship! After months of tasting and tasting and then photographing for the Fall catalog, Fairytale Bars are ready for their debut. We have four new divine flavors;

Chocolate Chip Blondie (my favorite), Pecan Blondie, Raspberry White Chocolate and Cheesecake Swirl.

So you can try some for yourself or for a gift at www.brownies.com or 1.800.FAIRYTALE.

But you know what we are already doing AGAIN!!?? Tasting and testing what will be next bar flavors to add to this line. We want to have  two more flavors for next Fall, yes Fall 2013 is on our minds and in our tummies. Here is today's tasting crew.

Fairytale Tasting Crew

Here are the current finalists - Cinnamon Crumb Fairytale Bar and Lemon Cake Bar - what do you think?

Fairytale Brownies Bars      Fairytale Brownies Bars

Finally, a Fairytale Breakfast bar; the Cinnamon Crumb is perfect  with coffee. And the Lemon Cake makes my family happy. At our wedding we had Grandma's Lemon Cake and Espresso Nib Fairytale Brownies for our desserts and now we can have a homage to Grandma Ann all the time. xoxoxoxo

Was a fun meeting, we discussed the texture, too much salt/perfect salt, can you tast the cocoa, how's the zest...

It will all be perfected for you when we officially add them to the Fairytale Family of Flavors.

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