Tell Us Your Brownie Story!

Calling All Brownie Stories!

It has been a pleasure hearing our customers' stories about their Fairytale experiences. Now we would like you to write them down and share your stories with other Fairytale Fans! For every brownie story submitted to our blog with a photo (taken by you and pertaining to your Fairytale experience), we will send you a delicious 8-Sprite Favor FREE!
Remember to include a photo with your story to qualify for the free brownie gift!

Here are some ideas to get you going:
* Why did you choose Fairytale Brownies? Was it a gift or for yourself?
* How did you first hear about Fairytale Brownies? When did you first taste them?
* What is your favorite Fairytale Brownies flavor and why?
* Who do you send Fairytale Brownies to and why?

Thank you and we look forward to hearing all of your brownie stories - remember to include a photo with your story to qualify for the free brownie gift!

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Terms & Conditions:
1. Must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
2. One free brownie gift per person per household.
3. Authors will be asked for their shipping address via the email address provided on the entry form. Email addresses will not be published.
4. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
5. Entries should contain a photo that is relevant to the content and Fairytale Brownies.
6. Entries should contain at least 100 words based on the Fairytale Brownies gifting and/or taste experience.
7. We reserve the right to end this special promotion at any time without notice.
8. We reserve the right to decline entries if the content is deemed inappropriate.
9. New brownie stories only.


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