Thank You Gift Idea

Recently, my husband and I purchased a small piece of Real Estate in the small town of Queen Creek, AZ. Due to the economy, it was an extremely arduous task to complete the entire purchase process. We really "worked" our realtor; she definitely earned her commission on that deal! On document signing day, my husband and I went to the title office to complete the paperwork. We went after I had gotten off of work and I was still "in uniform" (still wearing my Fairytale Brownies logo shirt). The ladies in the office noticed my shirt, and commented that they knew who Fairytale Brownies were and proceeded to harass me because I had not brought any of our Belgian Chocolate Brownies with me! 

So, as I do every time somebody asks me for a fudgy chocolate brownie sample, I promised that I would send brownies to their office right away. So to say "Thank You" to our realtor, loan officer, and title company, we sent them each boxes of Fairytale Brownies. Not only are they the best brownies around (hands-down!), they make excellent Thank You Food Gifts. I sent them each a Thank You 8-Sprite Gift Favor which contains 1 Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Toffee Crunch, Walnut and White Chocolate Sprites (Sprites are our 1/2 size brownies that measure 1.5" x 3"). 

I did receive Thank You messages from our gift recipients; they all loved the gourmet brownies. I even had our realtor tell me that she is going to start sending brownies to her clients as Thank You Gifts for her business! For more information, or to order brownies online, visit us at

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