Thank your vacation host or hostess with gourmet brownies!

Summer is winding down, and what a summer it has been! Wonderful thing about the world of social media, we get to see all the fun vacations our friends and loved ones took. I hope everyone got some sort of fun adventure in before fall begins. I am super excited to be going to Minnesota in a few days to visit friends and family. 

When I vacation, it usually means someone is kind enough to put me up for a week or two. Yes, it would sometimes be nice to stay in a luxurious hotel, but we can't always afford that. Plus I often vacation specifically to see people I love, so staying with them is always a fun part of it! However, I know it can be challenging to host someone for week, so make sure you thank those who helped you have such a wonderful vacation. 

Send your hosts or hostesses gourmet brownie gifts from Fairytale Brownies. We have made gifting very simple, just go online to and order a brownie delivery! Your recipient will be delighted to receive gourmet brownies, cookies and bars delivered right to his or her front door! Any of our beautifully presented Thank You gifts will convery your appreciation for their kindness and generosity. If you are not sure which to choose, I recommend the the Thank You Sprite Dozen. They can try each of our 12 delicious flavors, and Fairytale Sprites are the perfect snack-size treat! If you really want to make an impression than go for the Thank You 3-box Tower. I always find tower gifts to be so impressive! Boxes of gourmet brownies, cookies and bars stacked up and tied with a beautiful bow, who wouldn't want to recieve this gift!

The fun times we share together is what makes life so rewarding. As you look back and remember your 2014 summer vacation, remember to thank those who made it possible! 



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