The beauty of Ohio and the changing of the leaves!


I recently returned from a trip the Buckeye State where I was born and raised. I have to give kudos to the Ohio weatherman for providing perfect weather for my entire 7 day stay! Blue skies, cool mornings & warm afternoons was something I enjoyed daily. The scenery was magnificent! A road trip is a must this time of year;  there was was a blanket of robust red, bright yellow, and burnt orange foliage that embraced every valley and hillside on my trip. The state of Ohio is breath taking, to say the least!

Nothing says "Autumn" like the changing of the leaves! I learned that decreased amounts of sunlight in the fall trigger a chemical change in the leaves which cause them to turn various shades of orange, yellow, and brown....interesting enough, these colors are present in the leaves year round but hidden by green chlorophyll's during spring and summer. I learn something new every day!!

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