The friendship that launched our gourmet brownies

International Friendship Day is this Sunday. That gets us thinking about the story of the friendship that launched our gourmet brownies. friendship built on brownies

Our co-founders Eileen Spitalny and David Kravetz met on their kindergarten playground in Central Phoenix. Despite their differences – Eileen is a creative extrovert, David is more process-oriented – they’ve been collaborating on business ventures ever since.

Eileen recalls one of their earliest projects. “In third grade, we did animation projects. I think David still has a copy of one movie where we made a clay head that turned into a snake and then ate itself.”

Friendship continues to be an important part of the Fairytale Brownies mission.

In honor of that initial playground meeting between Eileen and David, we support Kaboom!. Kaboom is a national non-profit dedicated to creating great playspaces for America’s children.

We also honor friendship by producing world-class gourmet brownies that are perfect for sharing with friends. They’re so perfect for sharing that Eileen carries extra Fairytale Brownies everywhere she goes.

“Food is such a connector for people,” she said. “(Brownies) are so All-American; so communal. I can gather people so quickly and simply over a brownie and I like spreading the brownie word.”

The next time you’re thinking about a special friend, think about sending them gourmet brownies. There’s no better day than International Friendship Day to show them you care.

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