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The Journey of Coconut Brownies
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August 26, 2017

Selecting the right brownie flavors is a huge responsibility. You might not think so when jobs like CEO or Queen of England exist, but trust us, it’s a big deal.

In the 25 years we’ve been in business, nothing has been a bigger priority than picking the perfect flavors for our loyal, enthusiastic, incredibly charming customers. To pass the test, each flavor goes through some extensive testing.

First, we have to make sure that we can source the best all-natural ingredients needed for that flavor. We’re not into the imitation or artificial version of anything.

Next, it has to be adored by our customers.

Then…actually, that’s it. So it’s not all that extensive, but it is a vital process.

Coconut flavor Fairytale BrowniesCoconut Brownies


If the loyal Fairytale Brownie fans don’t like any flavor, we don’t waste time on it. We want you to have what you love most.

And no flavor shows our dedication to quality quite like the coconut brownies.

When coconut was first introduced as a flavor option, the delicious white flakes were sprinkled on top of the brownie. Unfortunately, we started to notice that during the baking process they would lose their pristine white coloring. There’s a fine line between toasted coconut and burnt coconut. Toasted tan is amazing. Burnt brown, not so much.

Coconut flakes

Now, we’re huge fans of brown. Brown is a fantastic color to us. But only if you’re making brownies. It doesn’t look great on coconut flakes. So we discontinued the flavor because we didn’t want to compromise the quality of our brownies or our customers’ experience of them.

If you’re looking for the perfect little brown square, we’re going to deliver it to you.

What we did not expect is the major commotion discontinuing coconut brownies would cause. People from all over the country started asking why we took their favorite flavor away from them. Immediately we knew we had to find a solution. Something that would look as incredible as it tasted.

So we filled the inside of the brownies with the coconut flakes, delivering the crave-worthy flavor without compromising the picture-perfect brownie.

Brownies in a coconut

Luckily, we were able to reintroduce the flavor quickly and everyone was thrilled with the reimagined coconut brownie.

Really, the moral of the story is Fairytale Brownie fans are the best and we should always listen to them.

What flavor would you introduce if you were in charge of our Research and Development department for a day? What new Fairytale Brownie would you introduce to the masses? Tweet us and let us know!

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