This Fairytale Brownies fan doesn't need care instructions

This week's customer story was written by Troy Craig:

Our family loves brownies. Really, who doesn't? This summer we had the privilege of receiving a box of Fairytale Brownies (and cookies) and can't get over how fresh they were. They tasted as if they had just come out of the oven.

The instructions that came with the goodies said that if the treats weren't going to be eaten right away that they could be stored in the refrigerator and freezer. That information was nice to know, but certainly not needed!

Troy - Many of our customers tell us that they have no need for storage pointers, but it's good to know in case you order brownies (cookies or bars) and decide to hide them, give them away or save them for a special occasion.

I used to keep plenty of gourmet brownies on hand for when my children's friends came over. They ate them right out of the freezer! The kids are all out of the house now, but I'm stocking up for when they come home for the holidays.

Thanks for sharing your story, Troy! - Alyssa

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