Triple Chocolate Decadence Pie

Name: Merle E.
City: Woodhaven
State: New York

You're going to have to portion this one! Start with taking chocolate chip brownies and molding it in a pie shell to form the "crust" of a pie. That will be the double chocolate of the decadence. You now have a choice of making an instant chocolate pudding for the filling or one from scratch.

It's much better if you prepare your own chocolate pudding using: cocoa, sugar, vanilla extract, milk and a corn starch thickener...corn starch and cold water. Short cut on this is melting milk chocolate...which already contains the cocoa, sugar and vanilla.

Cool the pudding and then place on the pie crust. Make your own whipping cream and no need to add sugar to it as there is plenty already! Refrigerate. Serve what you be about a "brownie" size.

Option. Use espresso nib and chocolate pudding. Top with a coffee ice cream that is actually made with coffee. Mocha Out!

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