True Fairytale love blossomed after receiving first brownie gift

This week's customer story comes from Amanda Marek:

"It was about 10 years ago that I received my first package of Fairytale Brownies as a gift. I immediately fell in love. For some, it takes a lot of willpower to try not to eat a dozen of these delicious creations, but for me, it takes all my might to actually share them with others.

In 2007, my entire family came to Milwaukee to visit. I had just received an order of Fairytale Brownies days prior and my little nephew found them. I decided to take what I learned in kindergarten and SHARED some brownies with my family. They, too, fell in love.

I think I love the brownies more than they do because I actually visited Fairytale Brownies during a trip to Arizona. I indeed purchased more to bring home with me, but this time I kept them all for myself to enjoy - a little souvenir gift.

However, they do make great gifts for others as well.


Amanda Marek - Fairytale Brownies lover for life, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Oh Amanda, we love to hear stories like yours! Sharing is a difficult task when eating a fudgy brownie from Fairytale. That's why you need plenty of them on hand so you don't feel deprived. :)

Thank you for sharing your story and spread gourmet brownie love. - Alyssa


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