Vote for Fairytale Brownies in Goldbely's "Munch Madness!"


If you haven't yet heard of Goldbely, you're missing out. Goldbely is a team of food explorers who set out to discover the most unique and delicious gourmet foods and gifts in America and make them available to you, regardless of your location! They are based out of New York, NY, but you can visit them online at and order anything from Katz's legendary Pastrami on Rye sandwich to Cafe du Monde's world famous Beignets and coffee to be delivered right to your front door.

When Goldbely approached us in 2012 and asked if Fairytale Brownies would like to partner, we jumped at the chance. To be included with iconic brands such as Zabar's and Pat LaFrieda is exciting. We're not just talking about desserts here, Goldbely includes sweets, meats, seafoods and snacks in their lineup, the delicious possibilities are endless!

During March, Goldbely is promoting a Facebook Like contest called Munch Madness, where they've taken the gourmet purveyors featured on their site, and matched them up against one another based on location (Northeast, South, Midwest, and West). In Round 1, Fairytale Brownies is matched up against Goode Company out of Houston, TX (we're in the West and Midwest Bracket). Fairytale Brownies would really appreciate your "LIKE" . . . we would LOVE to be named 2013 Champion of Best Regional Mail Order Foods! You'll just need to sign-in to Facebook to be able to click the 'like' button next to the Fairytale Brownies bracket. 

When you place your vote, you'll be eligible for 64 amazing giveaways, deals and promotions!

Vote for Fairytale Brownies today - Deadline for voting is Friday, March 22nd!

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