We just wanted to bake the Best Brownies Ever...

When David & I quit our corporate jobs to be our own boss and create our own brand in 1992, we took his mom's brownie recipe with the goal of baking the best brownies in the world!

Millions and millions of Belgian Chocolate Fairytale Brownies later, we take the time to share with others what we have learned. Recently, the kids from the business class at Metro Tech High School visited and today I received a pile of thank you notes.

The notes reminded me how it is so much more than baking the best brownies ever... So many of the notes thanked me for helping them realize that with drive and perseverence you can go for what you want in life. You can make your own Fairytale come true, thanks for sweetening my day!

Reading thank you notes with a Pecan Fairytale Bar

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