What's Your Brownie Story?

Share with us your Fairytale Brownie story! We hear many stories from our customers about gifts they've either sent or gifts they've received. We have shared both happy and bittersweet stories that all tie in to the gift of Fairytale Brownies. So please let us know...

What's Your Brownie Story?

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Name: Kati
Time: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I find plenty of excuses to send brownies to my nephews in California. When I was incredibly busy at work last year and hadn't sent any brownies for about three months, they asked their mom if "Aunt Kati" was mad at them. :( Well Aunt Kati is a sucker for the guilt card and brownies are sent now at about eight-week intervals ... or whenever there is a huge sale. And, when the box arrives, there is a lot of "dibs" calling.

Name: Amanda Blum
Time: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In 94, when you'd just started the company, I was in my freshman year of college in Rhode Island, far away from my home in Arizona. It was snowing, I was freezing, I missed home, my friends, my dog and watched everyone around me getting these elaborate boxes from home all the time. I finally got one, too. My boyfriend's mom sent me a box of Fairytale Brownies, which I'd never heard of, but they made me very popular on my floor! I've loved them every since and have happily watched you guys expand into the company you now are. I'm about to move back to the east coast again, and hope people will continue to send me brownie packages.

Name: Hilary
Time: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It is a tradition with me to send Fairytale Brownies to my family members as their holiday gift each year in addition to brownies every birthday. My family members have come to love Fairytale Brownies so much that they are now ordering them as gifts for their friends and co-workers. There is something about receiving a gift of gourmet brownies that makes you feel warm and loved. Personally, I love to spread joy through the gift of gourmet Fairytale Brownies.

Name: Kari
Time: Thursday, January 15, 2009

I send brownies throughout the year, but my favorite story is from my wedding. We put small buckets full of Fairytale Sprites on each table with a note attached asking guests to take one and pass the bucket. Needless to say, everyone raved. At the end of the night as people were leaving, we noticed them running around to tables that still had brownies on them to get as many as they could on their way out. It's a great memory, and our guests still mention the brownies almost two years later.

Name: Brandie
Time: Monday, January 19, 2009

I send Fairytale Brownies to all of my friends and family members back home in Illinois whenever possible. They all love them so much. My Mom works in a salon and all the ladies get so excited when the white box stamped Fairytale Brownies arrives. They have all started sending them to their friends and family now too! My favorite brownie story is when I sent them to my Grandpa after he found out he had prostate cancer. I just wanted to send him a little something to comfort him and I thought what better way than chocolate! My Aunt, who was pregnant at the time, was there when the box arrived. She tried a Chocolate Chip brownie, called right away and asked how she could order some. She had 2 dozen overnighted to her! I had to send my Grandpa a new box because his Chocolate Chip brownies got snagged by the cravings of my pregnant Aunt!

Name: Hilary
Time: Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank you to all who posted your persoanl brownie stories to our blog! We are so excited when our customers give us their feedback. I am glad that so many people have fond memories with Fairytale Brownies. It is interesting some of the stories we hear from our gift recipients. Some of the stories are very endearing and we are so glad to share in peoples lives. Thank you for helping to make the world a sweeter place !

Name: Joanna
Time: Friday, January 30, 2009

I heard about Fairytale Brownies by walking by your factory! I had just moved into the area and went on a walk exploring the local vendors. I found that your store hours were only during business hours, so on a treasured day of calling in sick, I took my daughter over to try some brownies and watch them being made. That was a great day. What was even better was that she couldn't eat a whole brownie, so I got to have some of hers. ;) We are moving away tomorrow - but trust me, I will still be stopping in at my local AJ's to pick up a brownie and remember the time when I could walk to the factory.

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