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Wow! That's A Bold Change
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September 11, 2017

By now you’ve probably heard that we made some big changes over here at Fairytale Brownies. The fact that you’re here reading this blog is a giant step for us. It may have been a little neglected the past few years.

Ok, a lot.

But we’re back, dedicated to giving you the kind of content you want — blogs about coconut brownies, blogs about how to transform brownies into s'more, blogs about how to give brownies to people you love and admire.

Basically, we’re here to give you all things brownies, every Monday. We’ll also deliver this content directly to your inbox if you subscribe down below. It’s easier to read during work if you can just claim you’re “checking your email.”

While you’re here, we thought that we’d take some time to explain some of the biggest changes we made this summer (and talk about the things we never will) in case you missed our 25 Need To Knows list.

A New Logo


New Fairytale Brownies Logo


The simple explanation is we wanted to put brownies first.

Brownies are the treat that started everything. They helped grow our company into something bigger than we ever imagined. They allow us to reach our goal of spreading joy around the world. To us, brownies are everything and we wanted to lead with what we’re known for.

It’s more than just a simple rearranging of words. To us, it’s our chance to highlight the thing that spreads joy to anyone who tries one of our little brown squares.

Free Shipping for All

gift baskets with free shipping


Our rebrand included more than just a new look. We wanted to simplify our customer’s experience as much as possible. Your time means a lot to us and we want to make sure every second you’re on is an easy one.

We thought a lot about how we could streamline our checkout process, the best way to create custom gift lists that would make it faster to re-order gifts and dozens of other efficiency hacks.

By far, though, the most exciting (and loved) change that came from our transformation was free shipping. Now, no matter what you order, you’ll never have to pay extra for shipping. The price you see is the final price to get those sweet treats to your doorstep. Easy as that!

All Those Colors

“I LOVE color!” Eileen, our co-founder and resident color enthusiast, said about the new direction. Being bright and bold helps us grab the attention of all the other brownie-obsessed folks.

Green variation of the new Fairytale Brownies logoGreen outline of the logo

Purple variation of the new Fairytale Brownies logoPurple outline of the logo... so many logos!


Since we decided on the new look, every day has been filled with exciting ideas on how to bring it to life in our expertly designed packaging, in our new catalogs and on social. We’ve got so much more stuff planned to blow you away!

Some Things Never Change

While a rebrand is new and exciting (and we’re totally thrilled with ours) there are a few things we will never change.

First, our secret, from-scratch family recipe. It’s the only thing that will never go out of style. So, nothing about it changes. Ever.

The second thing we wanted to keep was our commitment to your experience of Fairytale Brownies. We are even more dedicated to exceeding your expectations — both in the quality of our treats and our service to you.

Whether you’ve been with us the entire 25 years, or you just found us today, we couldn’t be more excited you’re here and we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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