Mother's Day Brownies - You Promised!

Mother's Day Morsel 24Name: Diana S.
City: Ft. Worth
State: Texas (TX)

Dear Fairytale Brownies:

As of two hours ago, I am in receipt of a Mother's Day gift from my daughter, Miranda, which is an assortment of your Magic Morsels. In the course of two hours, I have eaten two walnut and one caramel flavored Magic Morsels.

I took a moment to read over your promise card which was enclosed. It reads - One Pure Promise: From our selection of the finest, purest ingredients (la-la-la)... That's why every purchase comes with an unconditional guarantee: If you (skip ahead) are ever dissatisfied, EVEN SLIGHTLY, we will make things right, etc. etc.

I feel certain, after consuming three Magic Morsels and surveying the remaining contents of the box, that I'm going to be "slightly dissatisfied." Yes. It's true! BUT. . . I am only "slightly dissatisfied" because there is not a second shipment scheduled for delivery within the next two days (the approximate time it will take me to polish off the rest of this box) :P

Any consideration you may have in my helping resolve the seriousness of my dilemma is most appreciated in advance!

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