3 Ways to Celebrate Easter with Gourmet Brownies

magic morsel easter eggsI can't believe t's almost Easter already (the first of two in my house - my husband is Greek, so in a few more weeks we'll celebrate Greek Easter, too)! I have to admit, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I loved hunting for eggs, LOVED marshmallow Peeps (still do), and I've always loved the idea of new beginnings. I also loved spring in the Midwest, as the ground thawed and little signs of new life and budding plants were everywhere. I don't get that part in Phoenix this time of year (it's already 90 degrees), but I do still have that sense of new beginnings. And an urge to declutter! But I digress.

One thing I have grown to love in the nearly seven years I've worked here at Fairytale Brownies is finding ways to incorporate our fudgy chocolate brownies into our Easter celebrations. Here are three ways to celebrate Easter with our gourmet brownies:

  • Purchase mail order brownies to share with family and friends who join you for your Easter festivities. We have a wide selection of Easter bar, cookie and brownie gifts that should provide the quantity and variety you need for any size gathering. 
  • Order bite-size Magic Morsels in bulk to fill eggs for your Easter egg hunt. Who wouldn't love to find fudge brownies in their basket?
  • If you're heading to someone else's house to celebrate, send thank you food gifts to your gracious host or hostess to arrive Monday and encourage them to relax after all their hard work.

Above all, enjoy this wonderful time of year surrounded by friends, family, fun and great food! 

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