4 Delicious Reasons for Real Estate Industry to Send Brownie Gifts

Many of our business customers are Realtors, Brokers, Loan Officers or are in other areas of the real estate and mortgage industries. Here are the top 4 delicious reasons to send our brownie gifts as a sweet surprise:

referral brownie gift1. Thank Them For Referrals - A former client, friend or acquaintance just sent a prospect your way. Thank them for their loyalty with a brownie gift from Fairytale Brownies. Shown is the Custom Sprite 24 with a FREE, full-color matching logo gift card. Once your logo is set up, you may choose to add this feature every time you send a gift, free of charge. 








cookie gift2. New Conract - You just signed a contract with a new client. Let them know you are looking forward to the new partnership with a cookie gift.  Fairytale Cookies are baked with the same all natural, pure premium ingredients as our world famous brownies. They'll taste quality in every bite.







fudge brownies3. Thank You Gifts - Did anyone in the process of selling the listed property make the transaction go smoother? Acknowledge their efforts with a fudgy brownie Thank You gift. A gourmet Thank you gift is a sweet way to show your appreciation. 







fudge brownies4. New Home Gifts - Your client closed on their house and today is moving day. Send a gift of brownies, cookies and bars wrapped in our festive "Home Sweet Home" gift band to welcome them to their new home. 







For more information, contact Lisa Anderson or Holly Pringle at corporate@brownies.com.


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