Cinnamon Crumb Blondie Bars

My favorite gourmet treat that Fairytale Brownies bakes is the Cinnamon Crumb Blondie Bar. I am absolutely in love with it. I was reminded of my love for this tasty treat when I walked into work today and the fragrant aroma of spicy cinnamon mixed with crunchy walnuts wafted through the air. Lucky for me, today was my day for quality assurance. You see, in addition to my job duties as Web Designer and Marketer, I am also on the Quality Assurance Team. This means that once a week, I visit the baking department and taste what delicious treats they've baked that day. I score the product on Appearance, Taste, Texture, Smell, Aroma, and an overall Pass/Hold score. This is a very formal process that involves forms, score sheets, etc. But all of that formality aside, I can't wait to sink my teeth into freshly baked brownies, moist and chewy cookies and especially my favorite, sweet and buttery bars once a week. It's my treat for having the self-control to not indulge every day. Working at Fairytale Brownies can be a little destructive to the waistline at times :)

Fairytale Brownies bakes 12 flavors of gourmet brownies, six flavors of gourmet cookies and six flavors of gourmet blondie bars. All of our baked treats are free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives and artificial colors. For more information on Fairytale Brownies, visit us at or call our customer service department at 800.531.5209. Fairytale Brownies gifts are delicious treats for self-indulging, but are also a very unique gifting idea to send for special occasions such as birthday gifts, thank you gifts, congratulations and any other of life's landmark moments.


Cinnamon Crumb Bar

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