Coming Soon . . . NEW mobile site!

One of the big projects that I've been working on this year is to get a mobile version of up and running for our customers. I've been working on this project for over a year, and I am very happy to report that we are very close to launching a mobile version of that will work on any mobile device you have. This will be very helpful to our many customers who are subscribed to our email promotions (also newly mobile optimized!) and receive shipping or percent off email offers (if you're not signed up for email promotions, click here to join). They can now click through their email and go directly to our mobile site for a quick purchase!

Additionally, customers who visit by finding us through thier mobile devices web search can click on the returned search link and visit the mobile store for easy quick shop. For the past few years I've been watching statistics on the percentage of consumers use their mobile devices to shop online and that number keeps climbing. Especially with the constant year-over-year increases of total consumers who own smart phones. Here's a post I wrote back in May of 2013 outlining some statistics on smart phone usage. This illustrates how important it was for Fairytale Brownies to keep up with what/who/how our customers are shopping for gifts in the online channel. It's important to note that iPad and/or tablet users will still view the desktop version of on that device. The mobile store is exclusive to mobile phones and mini mobile devices.   

Our mobile site is very user friendly with quick shop links right on the homepage to our "Best Selling Gifts" and a quick link to "Shop all Categories" including Birthday Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Business Gifts and many more special occasions. I hope you'll keep your eye out for the announcement of a live launch of mobile in the next coming months. Also, below are some sample images I've pulled from our test site to share with you!   ~Hilary mobile site 1 mobile site 2 mobile site 3

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