Corporate Gifts Delivered

Hello from the Corporate Sales Team at Fairytale Brownies. We will be writing about ways to incorporate gift giving into business promotions. Giving Fairytale Brownies food gifts will open doors that might have otherwise been locked.

For 20 years, Fairytale Brownies has followed a simple and sound approach to business. We make the best brownies and treats in the world because we demand the highest quality ingredients and gift packaging. Our personalized customer care includes:

  • Color Logo Gift Cards
  • Customized Gifts
  • Gift Ideas at every price point
  • Drop ship to individual addresses
  • Worldwide shipping

Like a trusted family member or friend, Fairytale Brownies is the perfect partner for your corporate gift-giving needs. We promise to make you look good! Feel free to contact us at with any comments or questions!


Order Fairytale holiday food gifts now and save money with incentives

Even though it’s only July, it’s not too early to think about Christmas and take advantage of Fairytale Brownies’ early order incentive gift program.

Through the end of this month, we offer the best savings of the year on gourmet brownie gifts, up to a 25 percent savings on your merchandise purchases. The amount of discount you receive varies according to the merchandise total. Take a look at the chart below:

gourmet brownies, food gifs

This offer is valid for new orders only and cannot be combined with other discounts.

This incentive is extremely attractive to businesses that want to purchase holiday food gifts, but are limited on time. Because Fairytale Brownies specializes in gift giving, we have simplified the process to save you time. All you need to do to receive a discount is decide how much you want to spend and prepay by July 31. We will fine tune the details – gift recipients, gift(s), and messages – at a later date.

Feel free to contact me or Holly at or call us at 602.489.5123. We...

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4 Delicious Reasons for Real Estate Industry to Send Brownie Gifts

Many of our business customers are Realtors, Brokers, Loan Officers or are in other areas of the real estate and mortgage industries. Here are the top 4 delicious reasons to send our brownie gifts as a sweet surprise:

referral brownie gift1. Thank Them For Referrals - A former client, friend or acquaintance just sent a prospect your way. Thank them for their loyalty with a brownie gift from Fairytale Brownies. Shown is the Custom Sprite 24 with a FREE, full-color matching logo gift card. Once your logo is set up, you may choose to add this feature every time you send a gift, free of charge. 








cookie gift2. New Conract - You just signed a contract with a new client. Let them know you are looking forward to the new partnership with a cookie gift.  Fairytale Cookies are baked with the same all natural, pure premium ingredients as our world famous brownies. They'll taste quality in every bite.







fudge brownies 3. Thank You Gifts - Did anyone in the process of selling the listed property make the transaction go...

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5 Ways to Use Fudge Brownies from Fairytale For Year-Round, In-House Company Gift Giving

fudge brownies, gourmet cookiesSmart businesses have discovered Fairytale Brownies as a year-round gifting company. Obviously, we are the perfect holiday go-to, but consider the following monthly or even weekly options for in-house corporate gifting:

  1.  Employee birthdays, anniversaries – Acknowledge your employees’ birthdays or anniversaries with a delicious treat of fudge brownies or gourmet cookies. Whether it’s a small token of remembrance with a Birthday 8-Sprite Favor, or a grander Congratulations Cookie & Brownie Combo, they’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness. Businesses send us their monthly list and we ship the gift to the birthday or anniversary recipients as their special day approaches.
  2. Department Goals – Does your team regularly set and achieve its goals? Send us the list of achievers and we will reward them with an office food gift of your choice.
  3. Campaign Launch/Close – Whether you are launching or closing a campaign, we can make sure your celebration will happen as planned. If your campaign is national,...
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Serve Gourmet Brownies from Fairytale Brownies at Your Next Company Party

As Memorial Day approaches, many businesses celebrate the launching of the summer season with a company party. Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a few hours by the pool, Fairytale Brownies has delicious options for the occasion.

While planning the next company pargourmet brownies, bulkty, consider the following:

  • Goody Bags – Are you giving attendees goody bags? A Custom Label Brownie or Cookie with your logo and/or message will fit nicely inside the bag and a delicious surprise. They’ll be delighted with your attention to packaging detail and then satisfied with our gourmet taste.
  • Dessert trays – Are some of your guests selective dessert eaters? Fairytale Brownies offers 12 flavors and three sizes of gourmet brownies, six flavors of cookies and four flavors bars. Instead of purchasing individual gifts in fancy packaging, we offer the option to purchase individually wrapped gourmet brownies, cookies and bars in bulk. With that many options, everyone is sure to be satisfied.
  • Prizes – Prizes are the highlight...
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Fairytale Brownies offers tours for corporate customers

order brownies, gourmet brownies

Most people ordering corporate or business gifts online never realize all the TLC and Fairytale magic put into those custom food gifts. For our corporate customers interested in getting to know us better, we open our doors and roll out the purple carpet for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Fairytale Bakery.

The most recent VIP tour was given to the great people at Chicago Title in Chandler, Ariz. They watched firsthand as our fudge brownies, gourmet cookies and buttery bars were being baked, hand packed in our custom-designed packaging and shipped.

As a finale for our tours, we share our Custom Fairytale Gift line with the touring company. In this instance, Chicago Title experienced what their clients or employees will feel when receiving mail order brownies from them. We can print any color logo or photo directly onto a favor box or keepsake tin, onto a gift band for our classic boxes or onto a tower gift tag.

If your company is interested in buying brownie gifts from Fairytale Brownies...

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5 Tips to incorporate Fairytale Brownies into your corporate food gift giving

Corporate gift giving is an excellent way to build and maintain business relations with a client or a valued employee. When sending any corporate gift, consider the following tips:

1. Appropriateness – Think about who will be receiving your gift. A gourmet brownie gift from Fairytale Brownies is always appropriate. Most people love fudge brownies, chewy cookies or buttery blondie bars, and our treats are all-American comfort food.

Does your recipient keep kosher? All of Fairytale Brownies products are kosher dairy.

2. Customization – You want the client to remember your brand as well as the gift. Fairytale Brownies offers several ways to customize those gifts. Put your full-color logo directly on the box, on the gift band, on the gift tag, on the brownie or cookie label and on the gift message card. We’ve got it covered.

3. Personality & Purpose – Who will be receiving this gift and why are you sending it? Fairytale Brownies has a gift band for a variety of special occasions – Happy...

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Hats off to Administrative Professionals with Fairytale Brownies' gifts

Administrative Assistants wear many hats in an organization. They plan, organize, schedule and manage. They are helpers, communicators, and the "go-to" persons when no one else knows the answer.

Below are three gift suggestions for the “multiple hatted” Admin in your office:

  • The firefighter - This person remains calm during any crisis. Armed with communication and negotiation skills, fires are doused before anyone even knows they were started. The firefighter deserves a no-nonsense Admin Day Dozen - 12 different flavors of individually wrapped 3" x 3" fudgy brownies. Individual flavors represent individual fires extinguished.


  • The gatekeeper - Aggressive salespeople won't make headway with this Admin. The gatekeeper knows a line of doo-doo when it's told, so be honest and to the point. A good gatekeeper will hold the door open or point you in the right direction.  Gift for the Gatekeeper: An Admin Day Sprite Dozen. The snack-sized treats are delicious, of course, but the gatekeeper also...
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Year round giving, year round savings

Whenever I'm at a sales event, people share their story of receiving their first Fairytale Brownies gift. Their faces light up and they hope they will receive the same gift again.

Many businesses send Fairytale Brownies gifts regularly throughout the year.

* Dentists send them as referral gifts

* Real estate companies thank Realtors for showing their properties

* Insurance companies and banks welcome new clients

* Employers monthly acknowledge employees' birthdays and anniversaries

The reasons are many, and the response is always positive!

Prepay a minimum of $500 and receive a discount (5% - 15%) every time you send a gift.

For more information or to place your prepay order, contact, or call 602.489.5123.

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Corporate customers love Fairytale Brownies' free color logo gift cards

My goal in corporate sales is to simplify gift giving. One of the simplest and BIG value features that we offer corporate customers is our FREE full-color logo gift message cards. This feature adds such an elegant touch to our gourmet gifts.

Your personalized gift message with the company's logo is the first thing recipients see when they open the gift. Then they start sampling the fudgy chocolate brownies, gourmet cookies or buttery bars and they are so happy with the gift, they call the giver (you!) with heartfelt thanks. This delicious branded experience, time and time again, connects our corporate customers with their clients. Or this is might be the moment they finally do give you that call back that you've been waiting for...

To set this up, simply email your full-color company logo to or upload it to our web site; we then attach it to your account and notify you upon completion.

After that, every time you order a gift, the company's logo will be printed on your...

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