The Fairytale Brownies Journey continues!

Hi, my name is Eileen Joy Spitalny, Co-Founder of Fairytale Brownies. Friends since kindergarten, David and I started baking these brownies together in 1992 in a friend’s catering kitchen. 

Back in high school we talked about starting our own business together someday. We always worked & played well together (homework, extra credit, animation projects) so when we grew up we did it! 
Creating and growing Fairytale Brownies has been an amazing journey; can’t believe we are in year 20!
We didn’t even know how to bake when we started and now with our fantastic Fairytale crew, we bake and ship over 3 million brownies and cookies a year.
My role is to find new brownie clients and friends so I look forward to meeting you sometime soon. Whether personal or business, we will help you make friends and customers happy anywhere in the world.
It’s also lots of fun to talk with fellow entrepreneurs and share experiences, stories, trials and tribulations. If you want to talk, sample, share or ask a question, send me a note here or at Enjoy!

Best Brownie, Best Blondie, Best Cookie & on and on...

Email I received yesterday - "OH MY GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN ABOVE !! I took one bite of a Pecan Blondie from the package that arrived from Nirvana and had to write to say, from our entire staff THANK YOU!! Ok, I just stopped to take another bite.

Adam had the Espresso first, then a White Chocolate. Marcus had the Walnut, then Raspberry White Chocolate and Tom went straight for the White Brownie Cream Cheese, followed by Cream Cheese.

Another bite. Oh my, it’s gone. Time for another, What shall it be???

You are making some marvelous magic there in the desert, and we can’t thank you enough.

Thank you again, I’m now going for seconds. We promise to save some for others, if we can.

Jon Tom Marcus and Adam."

** I sent this Fairytale Combo Gift as a thank you gift to Jon at PSAV in San Diego for his help.

Fairytale Brownies, Bars & Cookies

Brought such a smile to my face, I am so lucky spreading joy is my job! Next time you need to make someone this happy, think about delivering Fairytale Brownies to their desk or doorstep.



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Fairytale Brownies at Ghiradhelli Chocolate Festival this weekend!

Fairytale Brownies Ghiradhelli Chocolate FestivalThis weekend Fairytale Brownies at the 17th Annual Ghiradhelli Chocolate Festival

September 8 & 9, 12pm - 5pm

David & I started our company by sampling and meeting people at street fairs and farmer's markets and 20 years later I still get to bring brownies to the people. Very excited to spread the Fairytale Brownies magic in San Francisco this weekend! Look for me (Eileen) at our booth on Beach Street.

Festival is Noon-5pm Saturday & Sunday and a benefit for Project Open Hand. Buy a sampling book to enjoy chocolate treats to your heart's content while listening to music or watching a chef demo. We will have take home Fairytale Brownies Gifts and indivudual treats for you to purchase and my sampling flavors include Walnut, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Toffee Crunch and a few more. Oh yeah, I am bringing a few of our new sweet and buttery Fairytale Bars! See you this weekend.

Mention this post and I'll give you a Fairytale tchochke.

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Taste Testing New Fairytale Bars

Next week our New Fairytale Bars are ready to ship! After months of tasting and tasting and then photographing for the Fall catalog, Fairytale Bars are ready for their debut. We have four new divine flavors;

Chocolate Chip Blondie (my favorite), Pecan Blondie, Raspberry White Chocolate and Cheesecake Swirl.

So you can try some for yourself or for a gift at or 1.800.FAIRYTALE.

But you know what we are already doing AGAIN!!?? Tasting and testing what will be next bar flavors to add to this line. We want to have  two more flavors for next Fall, yes Fall 2013 is on our minds and in our tummies. Here is today's tasting crew.

Fairytale Tasting Crew

Here are the current finalists - Cinnamon Crumb Fairytale Bar and Lemon Cake Bar - what do you think?

Fairytale Brownies Bars      Fairytale Brownies Bars

Finally, a Fairytale Breakfast bar; the Cinnamon Crumb is perfect  with coffee. And the Lemon Cake makes my family happy. At our wedding we had Grandma's Lemon Cake and Espresso Nib Fairytale Brownies for our desserts and now we can have a homage...

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My business cards tell many Fairytale stories...

What's in a name? When we started our brownie company, one of the first things to decide was our name. We literally looked up the word brownie in the dictionary.

And there the answer was revealed to us... Definition of Brownies

Yes, a brownie is "a small square cut from a flat chocolate cake" BUT it is "a small, helpful elf"!

Hmm, upon further research brownies live in fairyland with sprites, nymphs, fairies and all the other special little ones and what we especially loved about "brownies" is their giving back philosophy. So we named our company "FAIRYTALE BROWNIES" knowing that our helpful Fairytale Brownie would come in and help us bake and spread joy to all our customers when they indulged and shared our treats. So we put the brownie definition on our first business cards back in 1992. These cards were also handmade and with both our names since we were professional bootstrappers.

First Business Card

Then as we were growing our brand to become the best brownie company, we removed the definition and replaced it with the...

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Easy to do some Fairytale Brownies tasting this weekend!

SATURDAY, MAY 26 - Visit Old Town Scottsdale Farmer's Market or Tatum & Shea Whole Foods!!

Visit Old Town Scottsdale Farmer's Market tomorrow and go to the fun AZ Pops Cart for a Salted Chocolate Fairytale Brownies fudgy chocolate edges inside popsicle - they are soooo good!

Pam and Butch are new Fairytale friends. Last weekend I visited the market and here I am with Butch enjoying this Fairytale cold treat. This one is a caramel rosemary Fairytale edge pop.

Fairytale Brownies   Fairytale Brownies at Whole Foods

Then I got to visit their kitchen this week; here are some treats freezing up! Only about a year old, they are creating a fantastic variety of flavors. I bought some for an end-of-school-year pool party. Everyone loved loved loved them!

Fairytale Brownie Edge Pops

Or tomorrow visit Whole Foods on Tatum & Shea for Local Vendor Day! Brownie sampling with Holly going on and take some brownies to go for grilling treats. Create your own frozen delight. . . cut a brownie in half, spoon on softened ice cream, and put back in the freezer and voila; Fairytale Brownie...

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An American (Fairytale Brownie) in Paris (well, Cannes)!

Fairytale Magic Morsels at the Fete Fairytale Brownies, Sprites, Morsels and Fairytale Cookies have been delivered to the Cannes Festival!

I imagine our brownies took a sharp right at the Eiffel Tower and now will be scattered about the American Pavilion for snack time, treat time and late night muunchies!

We put our facebook Fairytale Brownies and Twitter @ftbrownies on each label to help spread the brownie word, meet some new brownie friends and make the world a sweeter place with our fudgy Callebaut all natural brownies and cookies - bon appetit!

Fairytale Brownies en route

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Fairytale Signs of the Times!

Drumroll please.....

Fairytale Brownies; The Greatest Brownies in all of Fairyland.

This signage is at our first retail space on 68th St & Indian School.

And young David & Eileen.

First Fairytale Brownies sign ever!

Then we moved out to 48th St & Ray. My husband Michael & I with the brownie man.

Michael was also our first baker. Thanks honey!

Mike and I with Fairytale Brownie

And now in 2012 our new bakery signage going up!

Brownie Guy is up!

Ta da! Here it is complete.

Come visit when you are in Phoenix; samples are always out, watch brownie baking through our viewing windows and here is a coupon link for a FREE brownie or cookie -

 Fairytale Brownies new sign!

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See How Easily You Can Create Custom Photo Fairytale Gift Tin!

Our newest feature and gift is so awesome I had to share. You can get mail order cookies or brownies with your photo on top. And so easy!

Here's the finished Fairytale Custom Medley Photo Tin.

Mother's Day Keepsake Photo Tin - New!

Now let me show you how easy!

Step 1 - Choose which brownie tin sku; I chose the Photo Tin Medley. Photo Tin      

Step 2 - Upload your photo; chose photo off my iphone (self-portrait of my family) Photo Tin upload  

Done. Ordered yesterday, shipping today; delivered to Grandma TOMORROW!

Pretty cool. Grandma is going to love it. Perfect for Mother's Day, new babies or share an accomplishment.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Making Brownie Friends

Fairytale 20th Anniversary

Here's a great memory; having Famous Amos come to our bakery! This week while eating lunch Kari asked who saw the episode of "The Office" with Famous Amos last week.

Love that show and love it they called him Mr. Famous. Which he is.

While I attended USC in Los Angeles, Wally Amos came and spoke at one of our Entrpenreneur classes. I remember him sharing how anyone with a mouth was a potential customer. About 10 or so years after that lecture I found out we had a mutual friend here in Phoenix and he came to visit Fairytale Brownies at our 2,000 sq. ft. third bakery locale (after the catering kitchen & 1000 sq. ft just a few doors down).

It was a day I will never forget to have him there walking around, sharing his story with everyone, eating our brownies. No digital those days just our in-house polaroid.

Aloha Mr. Famous! Thanks for the special memory. Eileen

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Happy Birthday Arizona!

Happy Birthday Arizona!

Arizona's own Fairytale Brownies is doing what we can to make this a 100th Birthday to be remembered.

Today we delivered over 300 Belgian Chocolate Brownies as a party favor for the 100 Centurian Brunch tomorrow at Downtown Phoenix Sheraton. That event is sold out!

Wait there's more;  for those who would still like their luck at a FREE Fairytale Brownie, get to any Phoenix area Whole Foods and be one of the first 100 customers tomorrow, February 14. Simply make your purchase at the front register and in return you will receive a FREE Fairytale Brownie for Arizona's Birthday!

Or if you can't get out of the office or house, use code SAVE14 for one day only and receive 14% online or at our Phoniex Bakery. Bakery hours are 9am-3pm. At the bakery there are always FREE samples out.

And we have good-looking, delicious and locally-made last-minute brownie, cookie and truffle gifts for your Valentine's! Check out

Happy Birthday Arizona!

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