Fudgy chocolate brownies and rich cream cheese. What a combo!

Rich cream cheese swirled into fudgy chocolate brownies. What’s not to love? Well, someone loved the idea that they pronounced February 10 as Cream Cheese Brownie Day. Sweet! fudgy chocolate brownies with cream cheese

We deliver two gourmet gifts with a cream cheese kick in our Cheesecake Swirl Bars and our Cream Cheese Brownies. More on those treats in a moment. First, here are three facts about cream cheese from Wikipedia.

Although we think of cream cheese as an American product, early versions were referenced in England as early as 1583 and in France as early as 1651.

William A. Lawrence of New York became the first person to produce cream cheese in mass when he purchased a Neufchatel factory and alteed production processes in 1873.

Cream cheese is versatile! It’s used in everything from gourmet gifts and creamy sauces to crab rangoons and certain western-style sushi rolls.

And, of course, it’s used in several gourmet gifts from Fairytale Brownies. Our Cheesecake Swirl Bar combines fine cake flour, organic vanilla extract, pure creamery butter, and a swirl of sweetened cream cheese.

And our popular Cream Cheese Brownie is soft cream cheese swirled through silky chocolate brownie batter. Fairytale Brownies fan OKCTwister of Oklahoma City referred to these fudgy chocolate brownies as “the best brownies I have ever eaten...this is my second order and won't be my last.”

February 10 is a great day to join OKCTwister on the Cream Cheese Brownie bandwagon. Order some today!


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