Gourmet Brownies, Gifts Are Celebrities at Catalogue Photo Shoot

For the past week and a half, our marketing department has been working with Rick Gayle Studio preparing photos for Fairytale Brownies fall and winter catalogues.

gourmet brownies, chewy cookies










When I visited the studio, they were shooting the new Wish box.

gourmet brownies










An elegant option for Fairytale Brownies customers to customize with a company logo, the Wish box is lined with a rich brown paper on the outside and deep purple on the inside.

gourmet brownies


And then it's filled with gourmet brownies or chewy cookies or bars!

gourmet brownies

In this photo, food stylist Kim Krejca makes sure each Fairytale Sprite is in picture perfect position.


gourmet brownies

Graphic artist Erin Kress checks the repositioning of the Sprites.


While I was wandering around the studio, I met Mona. She was guarding the gourmet brownies.

I also found another new gift for the fall - a Sparkling 2-Box Tower!

gourmet brownies

And the remnants of a Sparkling 4-Box Tower...

gourmet brownies

Thank goodness, Rick Gayle is taking the photos for the catalog! These don't do the gift justice. The Sparkling tower gift is all bronzy and sparkly. Parts of the boxes are shiny and parts of them have a matte finish. The boxes are a feast for the eyes, the hands and... of course, when you open the gifts, the treats are a feast for the taste buds!

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