Happy newlywed couple become Fairytale fans for life


This week's customer story was submitted by Leianne Pittman from Georgia:

I came across your company by seeing an ad on another website. It was perfect timing!! My husband and I were celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary (May 19) and I like to send him some type of edible treats.He loves cookies and brownies! The different selections as well as the different combinations you guys offer was the only tricky part I had from ordering. (There's so many great choices to choose from!) I ordered the create your own combination of the 12 brownies. At first, I did have some worries that since we live in Georgia, that when they arrived, they might be dry. After reading some the reviews from other customers, those worries were quickly put to rest.

My husband received the brownies yesterday, May 18th. Immediately after he opened the package, he said he was having a hard time which one he wanted to try first. He called and thanked me for the brownies, but it was a little hard to hear him because of the "pure taste of heaven" as he described them. He loved how moist and soft they were. Hearing how much he enjoyed them gave me mixed emotions. I was incredibly happy that he couldn't stop talking about how great they were, but I was also sad because I started to fell left out because I hadn't ordered any for myself and started to get a little worried that he and his co-workers would eat them all and I wouldn't get to try one. He promised me that he saved me the Mint Brownie (I love anything mint!).

Later on that afternoon, I had to run home and pick up our daughter. When I got there, there was a box at the door. Upon opening it, I fell even more in love with your company! (Fairytale Brownies: We sent Leianne a box because she was so nice) I immediately called my husband and tole him. He said I sounded more excited getting your gift than I did when I got the roses he had sent me. I brought my box of treats back to work with me and my co-workers could not wait to help me try them! Needless to say, I went home with an empty box with absolutely nothing but compliments about your products.

When I got home that night my husband couldn't wait for me to try the Mint brownie. I took one bite and smiled. He laughs and said, "Yes, they are that awesome!" My husband then told me that he would not be the least be mad if every holiday I sent him a gift basked from your company. I told him we had a deal if he would do the same for me.

Thank you for providing a great product with the greatest customer service to back it up 100%. that is beyond rare to find these days. I look forward to all of my future orders and to being a customer for life!

Sincerely - Leianne Pittman

Leianne - Thank you for your story!

I have to agree with you about our great customer service. Working here has opened my eyes to what really is considered quality service. When I have issues with other companies, I assume that they will help me the way Fairytale Brownies would, but unfortunately, that isn't the case. Luckily, there ARE other companies that realize that happy customers are returning customers, and I shop with them. - Alyssa


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