Welcome to Kari's Cube on the Brownie Blog!

kgayesHi there, and welcome to my cube! My name is Kari and I am the Fairytale Brownies Marketing Coordinator, which around here means I do a little bit of everything. My main duties are planning and coordinating marketing efforts, especially catalogs, e-mail specials, Web promotions and our Twitter profile (@ftbrownies).

Most of what I do is behind-the-scenes marketing and merchandising strategy, but I get to be involved in our brownie photo shoots, new product development of gourmet brownie gifts and other fun outings, too. I mostly blog about whatever I'm working on, events I've attended and how I use our fudgy gourmet brownies in my non-work life.

I love what I do here at Fairytale Brownies, and I hope you love reading about it! 


My Fairytale Farewell

Fairytale Brownies Catalog & Web Team in New OrleansAfter seven amazing years, my Fairytale Brownies story is ending. I will never forget when I first walked through the door, a young new college graduate from Indiana with little idea of how rich and fulfilling my life in Arizona would become. I have always loved to bake, so the prospect of working for a company that makes gourmet brownies was amazing to me. I quickly found that, aside from baking the best brownies I've ever had and shipping gourmet brownie gifts all over the world, Fairytale Brownies is full of good people. 

In the past seven years, I have gotten married, obtained a master's degree, bought a home, had a beautiful daughter, and now am preparing to return home to Indiana with my family for new adventures. Through it all, the people of Fairytale Brownies have been there. I celebrated my bachelorette party and web designer Hilary's (second from the right) wedding with my Fairytale friends, and graphic designer Erin (far right) and I both welcomed babies in 2011 with showers...

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Gourmet Brownies Evoke Childhood Memories

cream cheese fairytale brownies

I grew up in a family that loved its desserts. It's a running joke that my late grandmother would have served dessert with breakfast if it were socially acceptable. If there was a meal, two things were certain: someone would forget to put the bread on the table, and there would be dessert. Our definitions of dessert varied. At lunchtime, it was likely just a cookie or, my grandpa's favorite, berries and cream. At dinner, it could be peach cobbler, ice cream, Robert Redford (to this day, I have no idea why it's called that, but it is delicious) or my personal favorite, the marble squares my mom loved to make.

Since I moved away and only get to see my mom a couple times a year, it has been a long time since I had one of her marble squares. Thankfully, a couple years ago, we decided it was time for Fairytale Brownies to add Cream Cheese brownies to our gourmet brownies flavor line-up. They're not exactly the same - Mom's are cakey, Fairytale's are fudgy - but I can now get an...

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Personalized Feel-Better Brownies Delivered!

Photo Morsel Dozen A friend of mine did something amazing last week. She saved a life by donating bone marrow to an anonymous leukemia patient somewhere in the United States. She was matched with this person because she is on the Be the Match bone marrow registry, and answered the call when she was identified as a potential match for someone. I am also on the registry, and hope to someday receive that call as well. 

The process, while nothing compared to lengthy cancer treatments that her marrow recipient has faced, is a bit painful, time-consuming, and energy draining. So I thought, what better gift to recover from saving someone's life than a personalized brownie gift? I know I would appreciate some Belgian chocolate brownies if I were recovering from such an exhausting procedure.

So I sent her this Photo Morsel Dozen with a picture of my daughter from an especially funny dinner we had with my friend and her husband. Long story short, my daughter was 6 months old and ended up trying to lie down and sleep...

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3 Ways to Celebrate Easter with Gourmet Brownies

magic morsel easter eggsI can't believe t's almost Easter already (the first of two in my house - my husband is Greek, so in a few more weeks we'll celebrate Greek Easter, too)! I have to admit, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I loved hunting for eggs, LOVED marshmallow Peeps (still do), and I've always loved the idea of new beginnings. I also loved spring in the Midwest, as the ground thawed and little signs of new life and budding plants were everywhere. I don't get that part in Phoenix this time of year (it's already 90 degrees), but I do still have that sense of new beginnings. And an urge to declutter! But I digress.

One thing I have grown to love in the nearly seven years I've worked here at Fairytale Brownies is finding ways to incorporate our fudgy chocolate brownies into our Easter celebrations. Here are three ways to celebrate Easter with our gourmet brownies:

  • Purchase mail order brownies to share with family and friends who join you for your Easter festivities. We have a wide...
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Last minute Gourmet Brownies for your Valentine!

Set of Two 9-Piece Valentine Truffles 50% off!The deadline to order brownies for Valentine's Day delivery may have passed, but it's not too late to celebrate or to buy fudgy chocolate brownies in Phoenix!

If your sweetie won't mind a belated gourmet Valentine or if you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, head on over to brownies.com to buy brownies online or find out how to visit our retail store. We still have plenty of brownie gifts and cookie baskets to go around! 

Valentine Truffles are on sale now, both online and in our store. Get them while they last, as these decadent chocolate-covered brownies will be retiring soon. 

If you don't live near us, but would still like a Fairytale-inspired Valentine's Day, find us on Pinterest! Take a look at some Valentine ideas we've pinned on our holiday board that don't involve our gourmet brownies, bars or cookies. 


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Send Fairytale Brownies from Google Catalogs

Is Valentine's Day really creeping up on us already? I can't believe it, but I have good news! Fairytale Brownies is here to make shopping for your Valentine quick and easy.

You can now shop our gourmet brownies, bars and cookie gifts catalog at Google Catalogs, which is available on your computer, iPad or Android device.This is a great way to see what mail order brownies and cookie baskets are new and featured in our Valentine's Day catalogs, and then purchase them safely and easily at brownies.com.

So get your list of loved ones together, and choose to have gourmet brownie gifts, bars and cookies delivered this February 14th. You can even order today and forget about it, until their gifts arrive to sweeten up the holiday. You're sure to earn brownie points with gifts from Fairytale Brownies. :)

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New Photo Brownie Gifts Add a Personal Touch!

If you've received our new Valentine's Day catalog or visited Fairytale Brownies on the web recently, you may have noticed our new Photo Gifts. We started with Photo Tins last fall, and got such great feedback from customers who sent them that we decided to expand the photo option to more brownie gifts this spring. Photo gifts are great for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine gifts and anytime you want to send a truly personalized gift of mail order brownies. Ordering a photo gift is super simple. All you have to do is choose a gift, upload a special photo, and your personal brownie or cookie delivery will be on its way!

I love these gifts, and plan to send many boxes and tins of gourmet brownies adorned with pictures to friends and family all over the country. You can even see me and my daughter on this Photo Tin Morsel 24 on our website!

Photo Tin Morsel 24


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Cross-Country Gourmet Brownie Gifts Buzz!

Last week, my husband, daughter and I packed up and headed east on a vacation to visit the majority of our family in 4 states (Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut and New Jersey) in one week. I wish we had hopped on a train for a moment so we could say we traveled via planes, trains and automobiles, but we didn't think about it while we were near one. Two out of three isn't bad, though. 

Most of the people we saw are family and friends who have received mail order brownies from us at some point in time, so most of them had recently received a Fairytale Brownies gourmet food gifts catalog in the mail. Nearly everyone we saw commented on the recent Winter catalog, and wanted to know how our new Fairytale Bars taste. The answer? Amazing, of course!

I now know that our families will be very happy to receive their holiday bar & brownie gifts from us next month. I can also say that I tasted a brownie from a very famous bakery in New York City, and I still think we have the best brownies around. 


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Jazz Up Your Brownie Gifts!

walnut Fairytale brownies and ice cream

We're working on our catalogs for Spring 2013 now, and we took a different approach to our cover photos this year. We've always featured our gourmet brownies, bars and cookies on the covers as serving suggestions (like the brownie ice cream sundae at left) for our recipients to use when their mail order brownies are delivered. This time, we decided to create actual recipes that you can use at home to jazz up your Fairytale Brownies gifts. 

So, when you receive our spring catalogs in your mailbox (If you aren't on the list yet, sign up here), you will see delicious-looking concoctions on the cover, with an actual recipe on page 2 and online at brownies.com! I won't spoil any of the recipes we actually chose, but until then, here are a couple of things you can do with your goodies when you receive your holiday brownie, bar and cookie gifts next month. Just skip the baking part, use your Fairytale Brownies and get right to the delicious additions!



Santa Hat Brownies (courtesy...

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Gourmet Brownie Recipes for Catalog Covers!

It may only be October, but we are busy at our photographer's studio shooting Fairytale Brownies catalog covers for the spring and summer of 2013. This year, we decided to base our cover photos on a recipes using our fudgy chocolate brownies. The ooey gooey recipes will be available to our customers when they receive their mail order brownie catalogs next spring! Here's a peek at the process of creating a gourmet cookie and brownie ice cream sundae. 

Food stylist Kim builds the perfect Belgian chocolate brownie (Raspberry Swirl) and cookie (Double Chocolate) sundae with raspberry sauce and sugared raspberries at her work table. 


And the bowl goes on set for a Mother's Day brownie gifts catalog!

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