Mail Order Brownies

In an article from MSNBC, Fairytale Brownies get rated a TOP PICK for Mail Order Brownie companies! Source:

Everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked brownies coming from the oven. But some of the best can pop out of your mailbox too, if you know where to look. The tasters at America's Test Kitchen just tested brownies from 8 leading mail-order gourmet bakers. They ordered brownie assortments and rated the basic brownie from each company.

Fairytale Brownies
Price: $59.95 for 12 individually wrapped brownies, plus 2 dessert sauces. This Phoenix-based company describes itself as the "nation's largest mail-order gourmet brownie company." Faux suede box with leather trim and stylish purple satin bow make this an especially attractive gift option. "Original" brownie fared just so-so in tasting, but our panel was more excited by the decadent Raspberry Swirl brownies.

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