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From Valley Leadership Development Office;

"Hi Eileen,

Thank you so much for your support of last week’s 64th Annual Man & Woman of the Year Luncheon, honoring Tom Ambrose and Ambassador Barbara Barrett.  We wanted to share some photos of our tables, dressed up with the delicious Fairytale Brownies!

The brownies were a huge hit, and guests are still talking about them today!  Most special, though, were the beautiful, celebratory towers that decorated our honorees’ tables and acted as a yummy gift to them.  I know Tom and Ambasador Barrett were delighted.

Valley Leadership is so appreciative of your support for this event, and excited about opportunities to partner with Fairytale Brownies in the future.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us add the extra touch to make last week’s event just a bit more special for all our guests!

Best Brownies for the Best People! Thank you Tom and Ambassador Barrett for being a part of our community."

The Program and a Photo Majestic Tower:

Recognition Gifts          Recognition Gifts


The table:

Recognition Gifts

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