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Rich, Callebuat Belgian chocolate vs. Spicy Mexican Chocolate
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May 20, 2014

Having traveled to Los Cabos, Mexico recently, I noticed many delicious confections made with Mexican chocolate that I was dying to try. This got me wondering what exactly Mexican chocolate was and how did it differ from the rich, dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate that Fairytale Brownies uses to bake our decadent treats. Here's what I found:

Mexican chocolate is made from dark, bitter chocolate mixed with sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes nuts. The end result is a grainy, less smooth chocolate. It is frequently bought in disks, though you can also purchase the chocolate in bar and syrup form. The traditional uses for Mexican chocolate are hot drinks such as Atole (served with tamales), Champurrado (served as a dessert with churros or a sweet bread called Pan Dulce) and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Mexican Chocolate

Other popular uses for Mexican chocolate are in Tejate (a cold drink made of dark chocolate, corn masa, cocoa flowers, then marinated and frothed), and Mole (a sauce filled with spices, tomato and chocolate served over turkey or chicken - served with a less sweet version of the Mexican chocolate). Source. Photo credit HayanCafeBlogspot: HayanCafe.


Although Mexican chocolate is delicious in it's own rite, and has it's many uses in the culture, we at Fairytale Brownies choose to bake using rich, dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate. 'Chocolaterie Callebaut' was established in 1911 by Octaaf Callebaut in a small Belgian village called Wieze. Callebaut chocolate from Belgium is probably the cocoa beanmost popular chocolate with professional and home chefs worldwide. A 5 kilo, or 11 pound block of chocolate is the starter format for all Callebaut chocolate. The chocolate originates from the Forastero tree, a harder, stronger type of cocoa tree that is easier to cultivate and produces larger yields of cocoa beans, (Forastero cocoa constitutes approx. 80% of the world production of cocoa).  

To extract chocolate from a cocoa bean, the cocoa pods are split open and the seeds or beans which are covered with a sweet white pulp are removed. Then the fermentation and drying process begins. During fermentation, the wet beans are laid on plantation leaves, then covered with more leaves and left for 5-6 days. When fermentation is complete, the wet beans are dried, either by the sun or by machine, and the beans are packed in sacks and sent to their respective factories for processing. 

Calleabaut Chocolate Bar


With the dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate, Fairytale Brownies also includes real creamery butter, sugar, farm-fresh eggs and fine, cake flour in our fudgy brownie recipe. Our goal is to create the best tasting brownies is the world. That's why every ingredient, including our Callebaut baking chocolate is carefully sourced. Each batch of our gourmet brownies is baked in small batches, then hand packed in our signature gift boxes and shipped to you with care. Plus, every purchase is backed by our unconditional guarantee: If you are every dissatisfied - even a tiny bit - we'll do whatever it takes to make things right. That's our One Pure Promise.

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