Student care package? Ship brownies for finals week

Student care package browniesFew times in a college student’s life are more stressful than finals week. And they have to deal with that stress twice per year!

At Fairytale Brownies, we see this first hand. Our headquarters is only a few miles down the road from Arizona State University, one of the country’s largest campuses. In fact, several of our team members are ASU alums. Go Sun Devils!

We’d love to help your student survive finals week by shipping a student care package wrapped in an optimistic Good Luck band. And if you want to care for more than one student, you could feed the whole floor with a box filled with 36 Fairytale Sprites.

You might also consider shipping these finals week tips along with your order.

  1. Clear your calendar. It’s easier to study when you have enough time for it. Cut back on your social commitments and try to take time off work if possible.
  2. Plan ahead. Find out in advance what content will be included on the final. Knowing what will be covered simplifies the process of studying.
  3. Avoid study groups. More brains equals more learning? Hardly. Social studying often devolves into time-consuming chitchat. Don’t fall for it.
  4. Read the test instructions. It sounds obvious, but so many students skip this step. Reading the instructions helps you develop a plan of attack.
  5. Keep calm and carry on. Finals are a LOT of pressure. Some questions are hard. Some peers will finish before you. Just keep moving and you’ll do fine.

Finals week is a tough time for students. You can make it a little easier on them with a student care package from Fairytale Brownies. Ship brownies to the student in your life today!

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