Turkey Tuesday at Fairytale Brownies!

700 Cans of Food Donated by Fairytale Brownies! 

Fairytale Brownies participated in the Valley's largest canned food drive, "The Million Can Crusade" hosted by 102.5 KNIX. The goal each year is to raise one million cans and I just received word that the goal has been exceeded! This wonderful charity event benefits St. Vincent de Paul to help feed needy families and end hunger. I am so pleased to announce that  I collected 700 cans of food that were donated by our generous team members here at Fairytale Brownies!

Here is a picture of me with "Barrel Boy" from KNIX as he graciously accepted the donation of canned goods. I thanked him for his hard work and gave him a gift of Fairytale Brownies!  This was a perfect ending to a perfect day.




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