World Chocolate Day or World Happiness Day?

World Chocolate Day or World Happiness Day?

World Chocolate Day is July 7. Fairytale Brownies Co-founder, Eileen Spitalny, shares why she equates World Chocolate Day with happiness.

Well, for the past 32 years with my kindergarten friend, David, we have been operating Fairytale Brownies. So fun to bring joy to others in the form of a chocolate square individually wrapped in a yummy variety of flavors. In fact, since we began baking this family recipe as a business in 1992 our original six brownie flavors have grown into 12, with an addition of four flavors of blondies and six cookie varieties. Oh yes, we also bake sugar-free for our sugarless and keto friends, and beginning Sept. 1 we will have two gluten-free brownie flavors, too! We want to ensure everyone has the joy of savoring a fudgy rich yummy mouthfeel Fairytale Brownie in whatever style and size they’re looking for.

Brownies by the numbers

The best is the first moment you watch someone sample our brownies and the ooohs and aaahs that ensue followed by a big smile on their faces. So, to me, World Chocolate Day means World Happiness Day.

My Childhood Chocolate Memories

Growing up, David and I were eating brownies at his house right out of the oven and yes with a glass of milk. His mom, aka the owner of the original Fairytale recipe, was always there to greet us with some sort of after-school treat or snack; her brownies were my favorite. At my house, chocolate took the form of ice cream. For celebratory occasions, my parents would take me to the nearest ice cream parlor for a treat of my choice. My go-to flavors were/are chocolate, chocolate mint, or chocolate chip. Always a very happy me enjoying those ice cream forays and after-school hang outs. And sleepovers at my friend Alison’s house, when I was older, meant chocolate chip pancakes. No need to wait for the day to evolve, just start the day off with chocolate. Hot chocolate and chocolate chip pancakes, our morning go-to at her house.

A Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Tour

Fast forward to having my own kid. When my daughter was around 10, we went on a chocolate trip of a lifetime with another family. Our friend, who is Belgian, guided us through the country where she grew up and the origin spot of the 100% dark baking chocolate we use at the Fairytale Bakery. I secured a tour for us at the mothership of chocolate – Callebaut world headquarters in Wieze, Belgium. We visited the place where our chocolate is roasted, conched, and processed before it comes to America to be created and baked into a Fairytale Brownie. Such an adventure full of chocolate happiness that day was!!

Callebaut is a family name and they actually first were a brewery. This photo of the Callebaut sign I took in a pub while visiting is an old marketing sign for Callebaut beer but that all changed around 1911 when a Callebaut grandson began creating chocolate and couverture with much success. Then in the 1960’s global chocolate growth began…

The home you see to the right in the photo with the flags was a Callebaut family home and now houses offices for Callebaut staff. We were not allowed to take photos inside the production areas but it was truly jaw-dropping and amazing. We watched the production from the end process back to the beginning. The beginning is the messiest with rooms full of cacao beans in burlap bags and this facility is one squeaky clean chocolate factory, hence the opposite direction of our tour. Starting with the end meant seeing robot arms wrapping pallets and liquid chocolate being filled into large tankers for European deliveries for truffle and chocolate making. More happiness being created into many a chocolate form.

 In all the photos you see, everyone is smiling because as I said chocolate is happiness! I brought with me logo-branded Fairytale gifts as a thank-you for our tour guide at the factory.

And I brought some for their head chocolate maker and chef.  My daughter and friend were full of happiness after visiting a Belgian chocolaterie. See those smiles!

Happy World Chocolate Day – Happy World Happiness Day!

Celebrate World Chocolate Day!

Send some happiness in the form of Belgian chocolate brownies.