Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best in Brownie and Cookie Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best in Brownie and Cookie Gifts

The holidays are sneaking up on us again! With all the talk of shortages and supply chain delays, it might be feeling like a more stressful season than usual.

But the holidays should always be a time of cheer, happiness, and spending time with loved onespreferably around a tasty feast and a brownie dessert.

To save you some time, we’re here to help you pick out instant wins for everyone on your list!

Who are you shopping for?

Personal Shopping

The season of tasty treats gets everyone’s taste buds watering. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can’t go wrong with sweet, fresh-baked treats!

candy cane sprites
Christmas 3-Box Tower

For the Christmas lover: Candy Cane Crunch assortments

You know that friend who puts their Christmas decorations up halfway through November?

For the relatives, friends, and loved ones who can’t get enough of the season, treat them to our exclusive seasonal brownie: Candy Cane Crunch!

This scrumptious, refreshing brownie is infused with pure peppermint extract, drizzled in white chocolate, and topped with crunchy sugar crystals. It’s a taste of winter enchantment!

This year, Candy Cane Crunch is packed into some of our towers, including the Christmas 3-Box Tower. You can also find it tucked in an Assorted Sprite Dozen and an Assorted Sprite 24.

3 sizes of brownies
Christmas Half-Dozen

For the chocolate lover: Full-size Fairytale Brownies

We sell three sizes of brownies at Fairytale. Bite-size Morsels are good for a quick indulgence, and snack-size Sprites hit the spot after a meal.

But if your recipient wants true chocolate perfection, send our classic size: A 3” x 3”, center-cut Fairytale Brownie. These rich, dense Belgian chocolate squares come in 12 flavors and are decadence in every bite.

All that’s left is to choose how many to send! The Brownie Half-Dozen is a small-but-sweet size for one, while the Brownie Eighteen could feed a family. If you know your recipient doesn’t care for nuts, you’re in luck! We offer a Nut-free Brownie Dozen, too. 

Fairytale Cookies
Fairytale Blondies

For the treat lover: Assorted treat combo gifts

The rich flavor and fudgy texture of Fairytale Brownies are any chocolate lover’s dream come true. The truth is, our cookies and blondies are just as irresistible!

If you know your recipient likes vanilla-based treats just as much as Belgian chocolate brownies, send them a combo gift. Each one is brimming with a variety of treat types and flavors.

The Fairytale Sampler is a popular choice because it’s packed with variety. Or, for cookie lovers, send the Cookie & Brownie Combo

Treat your lucky recipient to every flavor we bake with the 26-piece Deluxe Brownie, Sprite & Cookie Combo. That’s rightit includes every single year-round flavor of brownie, cookie, and blondie!

your photo on a gift

For the sentimental: Photo gifts & keepsakes

Capture your favorite memories and share them with the ones you love most. With the personalization options we offer, you can make those memories even sweeter!

Simply upload an image from your phone or desktop, and we’ll print it on the photo gift of your choice. There are no set-up fees or minimum purchase limits!

Since we print personalized gifts in-house, you don’t have to worry about delays. In most cases, your gift will ship within a day or two.

For a truly elegant touch, pick out a Wooden Box or Silver Tin. After your recipient devours the treats, they can display the personalized box at their home or use it to store knick-knacks. 

Corporate Gifting

Gourmet, unique, and professional. Belgian chocolate brownies are the gift that will surprise and delight your professional network and help you win a reputation as the best gifter of the year!

Custom Holiday 4-Box Tower
your logo on the hang tag

For your best partners and clients: Custom holiday towers

Elegance, sophistication, and taste… literally!

Our stunning holiday towers are stacked high with gourmet brownies, cookies, and blondiesincluding our exclusive seasonal flavor, Candy Cane Crunch. Finished with a pristine white ribbon, they’re guaranteed to amaze and impress all your most valuable partners and clients.

Plus, personalize the gift tag so they remember who sent the gift. They truly are the peak of gourmet gifting!

If you’re sending gifts to an office, try the Custom Holiday 4-Box Tower. It includes 41 individually wrapped pieces so your recipient can share them with colleagues!

Custom label treats

For your holiday office party: Custom label treats

After a challenging and productive year, your team deserves a sweet reward. Surprise staff at this year’s holiday party with an irresistible party favor!

Even better, build team morale and company loyalty with your full-color logo or message printed right on the label. Customizable labels like these make it a truly unique and memorable moment.

Since we print custom labels in-house, you don’t have to worry about extensive delays slowing your planning. Typically, custom labels take only a week to print. All our treats freeze great, so they’re easy to store for the big day.

Custom Holiday Treasure Cookie & Sprite Combo
Holiday Sprite 48

For your professional network: Custom holiday gifts

Make an impression! Brownies are always an instant hit whether to thank referrals, connect with old coworkers, or reach out to new prospects. 

Brand the gifts with your logo for added impact! Trust us. Brownies are a marketing strategy everyone is happy to indulge in.

For individuals, we recommend the Treasure Cookie & Sprite Combo, which includes a variety of 10 individually wrapped cookies and brownies. Or, send enough for the whole office to share with a generous Sprite 48 containing 48 brownies in 12 delicious flavors!

Bulk Treats
Giant Holiday Treats

For the break room: Bulk or giant gifts

Your staff deserves a treat, too. Spread cheer around the office with a pick-me-up in the break room!

Individually wrapped Fairytale Treats are great for portion control and sharing. Best yet, they’re mess-free. No more crumbly cakes or melting, sticky ice cream!

For the best savings, you can buy treats in bulk. If you’re more interested in variety, check out our Giant Holiday Treats box, which includes brownies, cookies, and blondies in different flavors and sizes.

Don’t Forget! Shop and Ship Early

With shipping delays and supply chain shortages this year, the holiday season might look a little different. It may take a bit longer than usual for your gifts to arrive.

At Fairytale Brownies, we bake, wrap, and ship everything here in Arizona. We don’t expect to be affected much by overseas delays.

That said, shipping carriers could still get overloaded. To make sure your gift isn’t late, schedule it to arrive early so your lucky recipients can enjoy a brownie-filled Christmas morning!

Holiday Gift Ideas: Guide to the Year’s Must-Haves

Holiday Gift Ideas: Guide to the Year’s Must-Haves

The holidays tend to sneak up out of nowhere. Sure, most of them take place at around the same time every year. But time always seems to move faster in those months between Halloween and the New Year.

To save you some time on picking out holiday and Christmas gifts, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a helpful holiday gift guide for 2017 filled with delightful and bright food gifts for everyone on your list.

Spoiler alert: they’re all going to be Fairytale Brownie gifts. But you knew that already.

Shop holiday gift towers

Holiday & Christmas Treat Towers

A tower of delicious chocolaty treats is the peak of holiday gifting. Quality really doesn’t reach higher heights than this!

Holiday towers will always be at the top of our holiday gift guide because they’re the perfect holiday gift of surprise, delight, and delicious food.

What Is It?

For the people you want to impress most, our treat tower gifts have a surprise at every level. Amaze them with a scrumptious spread of fudgy Belgian chocolate brownies, chewy cookies, and buttery blondies.

Holiday towers are available in 2-box, 3-box, or 4-box varieties, so you can pick a piece count depending on your recipient’s craving or family size.

Holiday Gift Idea For:

1. Long-distance families.

Don’t ruin their holiday by making them fight over their favorite brownie. Any family of 3+ people needs something big enough to share, with enough flavor, and variety to fit every taste preference.

2. You, for your holiday party centerpiece.

When you want to add holiday magic to your evening, we’ve found that a tower of irresistible mouthwatering treats does the trick.

Our towers are stunning, gorgeously themed for the holiday, and wrapped in a snow-white ribbon. Whether you get one for your own holiday party or gift it to the host of a holiday party you’re attending, edible centerpieces are always the biggest hit at parties.

Shop custom holiday keepsake boxes

Christmas Wooden Box

If you’ve ever seen a child open a gift, you know one thing is universally true — no matter how cool the gift on the inside is, they’re always going to prefer the box it came in. We’re not exactly sure why this happens, but it happens all the time.

Think of this keepsake wooden box gift as the grown-up version of that.

What Is It?

Luxury and refinement all in one. Build with smooth, quality wood and a sliding lid, the keepsake wooden boxes are basically two gifts for the price of one. Not only are they getting an assortment of gourmet, mouthwatering brownies that they’re going to obsess over, but they’re also getting a deluxe wooden box they can keep forever.

Holiday Gift Idea For:

1. Mom & Dad.

Your parents deserve something a little extra. Especially if you’ve moved out and you don’t see them as often as they’d like, a holiday gift idea like this keeps you on their minds and lets them know that you miss them, too. It’s perfect for holding jewelry, keys, coins, spare parts, or whatever other knick-knacks your parents like to collect.

You can upgrade to a personalized wooden box, too. Just upload any photo or image, and we’ll laser print it on the wooden box lid with smudge-free vibrant colors!

2. Scrapbookers and arts & crafts types.

Some people will always appreciate a useful storage gift. Wooden box gifts are perfect for storing photos, craft supplies, buttons, and whatever other odds and ends they need to keep organized. The only catch is that first, they have to eat all the fudgy, decadent Belgian chocolate brownies tucked inside.

shop custom holiday tin gifts

Holiday Keepsake Photo Tin

Similar to the luxe wooden box, our custom keepsake tin gifts come in a container that lasts way longer than the actual brownies do. The difference is this holiday gift idea is a chic metallic square perfect for anyone who has a particular look they’re going for.

What Is It?

When you give this holiday gift, you’re letting someone know that you know they have a certain quality standard they want from their life and you are trying to help them achieve that — while still splurging on some seriously addicting brownies.

What’s even better is you can customize your holiday gift with a full-color logo, or a picture from your favorite memory this year.

Holiday Gift Idea For:

1. Your significant other.

The holiday season is a time of making memories! Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth Christmas with that special someone, a holiday gift that you can appreciate and remember for years to come is always the right choice.

Pick any memory, and we’ll laser print it on a keepsake tin filled with brownies. It’s an easy way to celebrate old memories and create new ones at the same time!

2. Sentimental friends & family.

You know that friend or family member who has framed photos all over their house? For those who like to celebrate their favorite people and memories, a one-of-a-kind gift is just the thing.

Upload any image or photo, and we’ll print it on your tin lid in stunning full color.

Who Are We Forgetting?

Trust us, brownies are the answer to everything.

Our entire business is dedicated to brownies, so we can say with confidence that we offer a lot of different brownie gift options. From small displays of affection to huge displays of chocolate extravagance, we have a holiday gift idea that will show your lucky recipient exactly how you feel.

No matter what gift you go for this year, we can guarantee they’ll be getting a taste of the best brownies they’ve ever had and they’ll be forever thankful for you for sending them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or shoot us a message on live chat. We’re always here to help you pick out the perfect holiday gift!