7 Creative Ideas for a Stunning Fairytale Wedding

7 Creative Ideas for a Stunning Fairytale Wedding

For the brownie fans of the world, a fairytale wedding means a brownie-filled wedding.

In other words, a Fairytale Brownies wedding!

With a rich, fudgy texture and decadent gourmet flavor, Fairytale Treats are an indulgence that will make your day magical. And with so many ways to personalize, package, and enjoy these scrumptious treats, they’re a perfect match no matter what you’re planning.

For weddings, engagement parties, and bridal showers, there’s always room for more dessert. Take a look at some of the creative ways you can incorporate brownies, blondies, and cookies into the best day of your lives!

1. Set up a Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Chocolate-dipped brownies? YES!

Nothing is more elegant than a fountain of pure, delicious chocolate. It’s memorable, interactive for guests, and absolutely delicious.

Along with fruit, marshmallows, and pretzels, lay out an assortment of diced up brownies, cookies, and blondies. Don’t forget to offer skewering sticks, plates, and napkins for your guests. It’s dessert perfection achieved!

Dip brownies in a fondue fountain

2. Design a Brownie Charcuterie Board

For bridal showers, engagement parties, bachelorette celebrations, or the wedding reception, display an assortment of treats that look as good as they taste.

A charcuterie board is a gorgeous and sophisticated way to present treats on the dessert table and let guests pick their favorite flavors. Set out some wine or champagne nearby for a truly indulgent pairing!

Pair your brownie charcuterie board with a chocolate fondue fountain, whipped cream, frosting, or a special dessert dip. Check out our recipes for Mexican Hot Chocolate Dip and Sriracha Caramel Dip.

brownie charcuterie board

3. Thank Guests with Personalized Gift Favors

Small, sweet, and unbelievably delicious, brownies make an amazing custom gift favor to thank guests for attending your engagement party, bridal shower, or reception.

Personalize each gorgeous little box with a custom wedding monogram, photo, or message to match your wedding’s color scheme. Stack the boxes next to your welcome book with fabric, ribbons, or other decorations for a beautiful presentation. 

Just upload your image and we’ll take care of the rest. Our dedicated printing specialist checks each gift to make sure it prints in stunning full-color. It gives your guests something to take home and remember with a smile!

personalized wedding brownie gift favors

Already have plans for your gift favors?

Add in a little something sweet. Fairytale Treats are all individually wrapped for freshness, so it’s easy to sneak one in along with the other goodies in the gift favor bag.

For a truly luxurious touch, personalize the label! That’s right — each individual cookie or brownie label can be customized with your full-color wedding monogram or image.

4. Use Brownies for Name Place Setters

Since custom label brownies are individually wrapped and can be personalized with whatever you want, you can actually use them as a clever name place setter.

Leave a space on the custom label, then hand write guest names onto each brownie label for a personalized touch. Lay each guest’s brownie at their spot, and voila!

No more headaches about who to seat next to who during the reception. With a place setting this delicious, everyone will sit down to the meal with a smile.

brownie name place setters

5. Greet Travelers with Hotel Goodie Bags

Expecting guests from near and far? Surprise traveling guests with a welcome goodie bag waiting in their hotel room! 

Your goodie bag can include basic toiletries, aspirin, a list of local restaurants, a personalized message from you, and most importantly treats!  

Nothing beats jetlag like a scrumptious, fudgy brownie. Order Magic Morsel brownies in bulk and add a handful to each bag.

It’s a sweet, thoughtful way to thank them for taking the time to travel for your special day.

If you reserved a block of hotel rooms, talk to your hotel manager to make arrangements. Depending on the hotel, the bags could be waiting in the room or given to guests during check-in.


6. Decorate the Snack Table

Weddings bring out the sweet tooth in all of us. Satisfy your peckish guests with an assortment of sweet treats laid out at a pre-meal refreshment table, at the bar, next to the wedding cake, or scattered at the tables when the dancing begins!

It’s as easy as filling bowls or trays filled with treats so guests can help themselves. Since Fairytale Treats are all individually wrapped, they’re easy to share and don’t make a mess. They freeze great too, so you can store them for the big day and keep the leftovers for yourself.

Since it’s your day, you get to call the shot on flavors. Pick out your favorites and buy in bulk to save!


7. Award Brownie Prizes

Planning to hold any games or competitions at your wedding or bridal shower? Make sure guests give it their all with a brownie prize on the line!

Whether it’s an award for “best dancer” or a prize for the winner of Bride & Groom Trivia, rewards are a sure way to get your guests energized and engaged. Hand out any extra custom gift favors to your winners.  After all, what’s better than winning a box of gourmet brownies?

personalized wedding brownies

Ready to Plan Your Fairytale Wedding?

Take advantage of free white glove service for all your wedding event needs. Our brownie specialists are here to help make your dreams come true. Get in touch today and let’s chat!

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Photograph by Alyssa Campbell

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